Call Detail
TRANSITional Art Project: Trenton Transit Station Bike Racks Re-craft/Re-envision
Entry Deadline: 3/24/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 8
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 8
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: New Jersey

NJ Transit and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts are pleased to present the TRANSITional Art Project; Trenton Transit Station. This exciting project seeks to select one (1) visual artist (or artist team), who lives or works in the Central New Jersey Counties of: Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, Union, and Hunterdon; who is a current resident of the State of New Jersey. Preference will be given to artists with a connection to Trenton. Qualified artists are encouraged to submit their ideas to re-craft the bike racks at the NJ Transit Trenton Transit Station. The project will be unveiled in Summer 2021 as part of the “Stepping into Tomorrow” public art event 

Artists are encouraged to be considerate of the ridership and public nature of art in transit spaces. The NJ Transit TRANSITional Art Selection Committee (TASC) will review each application received and will select one artist. In addition to the commission of their work, the artists’ name and images of the project will be shared with the public through NJ Transit and the State Arts Council's social media and other communication platforms.  

Artists should submit examples of their previously completed work, and a short narrative of their project idea for consideration. Work samples submitted will be the basis for the Selection Committee’s consideration of the artists’ ability and experience in undertaking similar projects.  NJ Transit will work with the selected artist to approve a final design plan, and schedule the de-installation and re-installation of the re-crafted bike racks. The TRANSITional Art Project will provide a $10,000 stipend to the selected artist, which can be used toward project costs and artistic fees as needed.  NJ Transit will manage the logistics and labor of de-installing and re-installing the bike racks, with the artist’s assistance for re-installation, as needed 

Safety & Durability  

Artists must consider that the work will be displayed in a public location and subject to the elements and potential vandalism. Artists must work in a timely fashion with the NJ Transit team to ensure the work provided is safe and durable, and appropriate for public display.  


This project is open to artists/artist teams who are at least 18 years of age, and legally able to complete a contract with NJ TransitArtists (individuals or all team members) must live or work in Central New Jersey (Counties of Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth Ocean, Somerset, Union, and Hunterdon); and must be current residents of the State of New Jersey. Preference will be given to artists with a strong connection to Trenton. Artist/Teams must be able to work effectively and collaboratively with the NJ Transit Arts Team to further develop their initial proposal idea to a final approved design. Further, artists should consider the project timeline prior to submitting a proposal. Projects are intended to be completed and installed in June 2021, meaning artists will have 4-6 weeks total for fabrication, after notification of selection 


All media appropriate to the project will be considered, however, preference is for sturdy metal work or a creative and exciting painting of the racksArtists must consider that the work will be situated in a public location, and subject to the elements and potential vandalism. The TASC seeks artwork that is appropriate for public display, and will not include images depicting violence, nudity or that are sexual in nature in the project 


The TRANSITional Art Project will provide a $10,000 stipend to the selected artist, which can be used toward project costs, travel, supplies, fabrication and artistic fees as needed. Only one $10,000 stipend will be provided, so artist teams should allocate the artists fees between them from the total $10,000 budget. NJ Transit will manage the logistics of de-installing and re-installing the bike racks.  

Selection Process 

The NJ Transit TRANSITional Art Selection Committee (TASC) includes members of the Trenton community, NJ Transit staff and a representative from the State Arts Council. The committee will review application materials and make final recommendations. The selection committee reserves the right to reject any or all entries at any time in the review and selection process.  

Selection Criteria: 

The goals of this program are to connect NJ Transit riders and the Trenton Transit Station community with new, stimulating art experiences in their daily lives and to provide New Jersey Artists both exhibition opportunities and a supportive experience creating public art in transit spaces.  

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  

  1. Artistic excellence of the work samples in provided images 
  2. Experience to undertake the proposed work, as demonstrated by provided work samples and artists’ biography  
  3. Potential for positive experiences or interactions with the proposed work by NJ Transit riders and the local community (the intended audience of the work) 
  4. Feasibility, safety and durability of the proposed project design  


Call Posted: March 1 

Deadline for artist submissions: March 24th 

Decisions will announced by the end of April 

Project installation is scheduled for Summer 2021  



Technical assistance using CAFÉ is available at: 

Please direct any questions about the space, project or program to Christine Blanco, Manager of New Jersey Transit’s Transit Arts Programs at or by phone 973-491-8243.  

Please direct any other questions regarding this opportunity to Danielle Bursk, Director of Artist Services, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, at or 609-633-1184. 


Upon selection and final design approval, the artist must complete a contract with NJ Transit for stipend payment 

Application Process 

All applications must be submitted through (CAFE), a free website for artists to use. Artists must register and set up an account in CAFE, and upload images of their work to their CAFE account in order to submit to this call. Submissions will not be accepted or reviewed through any other means.  

Application Materials to be Submitted in CAFE:  

  1. 1,000 character (approx. 250 word) artists statement. You should mention here any specific connection you have to Trenton, and provide any insight into your work- ideas, materials, methods or concepts- that you want the review committee to understand. 

  2. A brief artists bio 
  3. Four to eight (total) digital images of existing, completed artwork  
  4. A 2 page narrative document upload that describes the proposed idea to re-craft the existing bike racks  


Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria