Call Detail
RFQ "NEVER FORGET 911" - City of Wylie Fire Station #4
Entry Deadline: 4/23/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 15
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 15
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Texas

Art Space - Room for Wall mural-water feature

·         Art should reflect the scale of the building and not overpower it

·         Art should complement the natural architecture of the buildings and open spaces of the area

·         Lighting (energy efficient preferred), base construction, and oversight of installation

·         Art should be creative but conceptually accessible to the viewer

·         Art will be the focal point of the facility

·         Art should take into consideration the existing art within the City and location site

·         Art work must be imaginative, durable and require very low maintenance

Building Specifications

·         Height of canopy at the gutter: 11’9”

·         Height of storm shelter roof ridge 23’

·         Height of tower roof ridge: 27’

·         Theme: “NEVER FORGET”

·         The design should include, a memorial reflecting the 343 FDNY Firefighters killed on 9/11. The WFR is working to obtain a piece of the World Trade Center; in the event a piece is obtained, a place to incorporate the piece within the design but not noticeable if a piece is not obtained. Materials can be stone, concrete, metal or other materials used to create a mural. Water features are desired but not required.

Budget – The budget for this project is $81,000. (Including artist’s fee, travel during fabrication and installation, engineering certification, materials, fabrication, transportation, documentation, insurance, permit fees (waived), and lighting).

Artists must be able to work within the listed timeline for completion of the project and opening of the building.

Selection Process The Art Selection Panel will include 1-2 community members, 1-2 professional artists or experienced art coordinators, a representative from Fire Station #4, 1 Public Art Board member, 1 landscape architect or architect. Submissions of qualifications will be reviewed by representatives of the Public Art Advisory Board, city staff and other professionals, and if necessary initially narrowed to semi-finalists. The Art Selection Panel will narrow the field to 2-3 finalists. The finalists will be invited for a site visit, dialogue with the community, and if they wish, a period of time spent with the staff of Fire Station #4. They will then be asked to develop a conceptual approach for artwork (Maquette) and make a presentation in person to their proposal, for which they will be given an honorarium of $500. Travel for both the site visit and the conceptual presentation will be arranged and paid for by the City but is not part of the listed project budget. The Art Selection Panel will rank the finalists for recommendation to the Public Art Advisory Board, Staff and to the Wylie City Council. Upon approval, the artist will be awarded a contract.

Timeline These dates are subject to change

04/15/2021     Submissions due by 5pm, Central Time

04/2021          Selection Panel Meets to choose 2-3 Art Finalists

May/June        Community Input Meeting-Finalists visit sites

2021                Finalists asked to prepare concept proposals (Marquette)

May/June        Finalists present proposals. 

Art Selection panel ranks finalists and recommends to Public Art Advisory Board

August 2021    Approval by the Wylie City Council (including contract)

                        Artist begins work.

March/April    Art work is installed and unveiling takes place in early April 2022

Submission Requirements

Submit the following through Cafe. All items must be digital and labeled as directed.

- Letter of interest. Please include contact information.

- Current Resume. (Label as Artist Name.Resume.doc or .pdf)

- Images of previous, relevant work. Maximum of 15 images. Please send each image as a .jpg and label with artist’s last name, image number and image title. For example: Smith.01.Titleof Piece.jpg, Smith.02.TitleofPiece.jpg, etc.

-Images must be no more than 1200 pixels (or smaller) and no more than 5mb 

-Image list. For each entry, include image number, title, media, size, date, budget and brief description if necessary (Label as ArtistLastName.ImageList.doc or.pdf) Please keep images of previous projects close to the budget amount for this project. 

-References (Label as ArtistLastName.References.doc or .pdf)