Call Detail
Looking for three fine artists/painters ready for a solo exhibit
Gallerie Valerie
628 2nd Ave. Suite 203
Crockett, CA 94525


Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: California
Entry Deadline: Rolling
Images - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 20
Total Media - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 20
Entry Fee (Looking for three fine artists/painters ready for a solo exhibit): $35.00

Gallerie Valerie Call for Fine Artists

Gallerie Valerie is now accepting submissions from Solo Exhibitors with around 20 works for newer gallery in small quaint town in a great location approximately halfway between San Francisco and Napa.

*If there are not enough solo artists, gallery owner may opt to have a 2 or 3 person show.

Exhibition Dates Available:

April 23rd   - Opening from 7-9 pm – SPOT FILLED

May 21st  - Opening from 7-9 - DEADLINE - April 23rd, 2021

exhibition to run from May 21st to June 13th (Any remaining art must be removed by appointment no later than 5 pm on June 15th).

*Artists must install art between May 19th and May 20th

June 18th – SPOT FILLED

exhibition to run from June 18th to July 11th (Any remaining art must be removed by appointment no later than 5 pm on July 13th).

*Artists must install art between June 16th and June 17th

July 16th - Opening from 7-9 - DEADLINE - June 18th, 2021

exhibition to run from July 16th to August 8th (Any remaining art must be removed by appointment no later than August 10th).

*Artists must install art between June 14th and June 15th

 *PLEASE SUBMIT ASAP for the May/July spot SPOT

Entry Deadline: This is ongoing until at least  December 2021.

*If you are not selected for one of the 2 remaining spots, you will be considered for future dates.


Entry wall 88"
1 piece - 4' to 5' wide or 2 pieces 2' to 2 1/2' wide

Continuation of wall after pilar 210" or 17 1/2 '
* Need an approximate 8" buffer on either side of work and in between work.

Partial wall off of main wall 32"
1 long painting 20-24" wide, or 2 paintings stacked 16-24" wide and 14-16" high

3 - 4 x 8 double sided partitions 
6 paintings total should be a max of 3' wide, but preferably closer to 2 1/2 '
* 2 smaller painted can be put side by side on a partition

Side front featured wall - 61"
1 large painting 4' wide max, or
2 medium paintings - 18"-24" wide each, or
3 smaller paintings - 14-16" wide each

Front corner small wall - 16" (This wall can be left empty)
Can accommodate 2-3 small paintings hung vertically. No larger than 12" wide and 12" high, or 3 paintings 8"-10" high


70% of sales go to the artist

30% of sales go to the gallery



*A non-refundable application fee of $35 will be collected from each artist submitting their works.

*This fee is paid online only by credit card via CAFÉ (

*Limit 1 application per artist

*Each Artist must have and submit at least 8 to 20 original works. 

*The artist will be responsible for transporting and hanging art including all expenses.




*All subjects and painting styles are welcome.

*Any work accepted for an exhibition MUST BE present and available for sale for the duration of the scheduled exhibition.

*Please do not submit paintings that are not for sale.

*Prints, reproductions or photography ARE NOT ELIGBLE for submission

*All art work must be completely dry, framed, wired securely, and ready to hang in a gallery setting.

*Canvasses MUST BE framed or museum wrapped with finished/painted edges and wires to hang.

*Works on paper and mediums prone to smearing/smudging MUST BE protected under glass or plexi-glass.

*Gallerie Valerie reserves the right to reject any artwork deemed improperly framed, improperly prepared for hanging, or improperly hung.

*Please read Exhibition Dates Available: for all dates pertaining to opening, exhibition, and installation and removal of artwork.

*Pease read the legal agreement as it contains important information.







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