Call Detail
Outdoor mural - Maynard Sesquicentennial: Past, Present and Future

Entry Deadline: 5/15/21
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 2, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Massachusetts

The Maynard Cultural Council is seeking a Massachusetts mural artist or team to paint a prominent town wall. This mural will join our ambitious program of vibrant murals on buildings all about the town. The proposed mural location will be a wall located in the center of town amidst a large parking lot. 

In your design, please emphasize contemporary and abstract styles, vivid design elements, as well as trompe l’oeil imaging.

We will give special considerations to artists that:
1. Engage the local community in some way. 
2. Make clever use of our 150th year as a town. 
3. Can complete this project in early summer.

We encourage a theme that is not strictly historical. Think, “Past, Present and Future.”

Please consider the following ideas for our future as a town:
-the basis of the town's emphasis Is developing culture/arts
-make the downtown more active by driving more people to visit
-use and develop our water sources; the river and mill pond for recreation, celebration, picnicking.


Open to Massachusetts’s artists with previous mural painting experience. Applicants shall provide evidence of past work.


The selected wall is at Naylor Court, Maynard. Dimensions for the wall are detailed in "view site details”.  Applicants may submit up to ten different designs

What the applicant needs to share:
-Curriculum Vitae or biography outlining relevant experience
-Recent images of related work
-Artist statement relating previous work to this commission (max 150 words)
-Brief written proposal and sketches of concept (max 150 words) 

All contracted work will require proof of liability insurance.

From the initial list of applicants, the Maynard Cultural Council will select 4 finalists to create detailed visualizations of their proposed mural. Those short-listed finalists will be compensated with $250.00 each to submit a detailed visual proposal.

A jury comprised of representatives of the community, Town Select Board, Maynard Cultural Council and Maynard artists will select the winning mural design.  


-Dimensions: 600 square feet
-For photo of the Mural wall please see "view site details"
-Walls will be scrubbed and sealed/primed and ready to go. Please visit the wall for surface quality, and plan your design accordingly. This cast concrete wall has some low seams and small air pocks.

Artists will cover finished murals with two coats of graffiti resistant sealer.


The winning proposal(s) will be awarded an all-inclusive fee for the project.


Artist will submit their all-inclusive budget for the artwork, design and complete installation. Not to exceed $9,000.00



-Stage 1 call deadline for entries: May 15, 2021
-Announcement of finalists:  May 22, 2021
-Finalist’s mural visualization deadline:  May 29, 2021
-Winning proposal announced: June 19, 2021
-Completed installation of mural: Summer 2021.(no latter than Sept. 15, 2021)


Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria