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The Grand Exhibition: An open art competition: Embodying Masonic Values - 2022
Masonic Temple Library & Museum of PA
1 North Broad Street,
Philadelphia PA 19401 USA


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Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: International
State: Pennsylvania
Entry Deadline: 8/11/22
Days remaining to deadline: 80
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Entry Fee (The Grand Exhibition. An Open Art Competition: Embodying Masonic Values): $25.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum):$10.00

An open art competition: Embodying Masonic Values
Sponsored by the Masonic Library & Museum of Pennsylvania
All artwork entries must display a visual interpretation of some aspect of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania, whether it be philospohical, historical, scientific, social, fraternal, charaitable, architectural, etc. Selected artwork will be exhibited in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. Constructed in 1873, the Masonic Temple has become one of the great "wonders" of the Masonic world. Adorned with some of the finest artifacts of Freemasonry and magnificent lodge rooms based on themes of the ancient architectural world. The Masonic Temple connects us with our past by outwardly displaying our Masonic traditions and values. Located within the Masonic Temple is the Masonic Library & Museum of Pennsylvania, which houses thousands of texts and artifacts relating to the history of the fraternity in the Commonwealth and the founding of our great nation. Maximum size for all entries is 48 inches by 60 inches.

Submission of at least one and no more than three entries.

Must be over age 18 to enter.

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