Call Detail

North Kansas City Public Art Mural
2010 Howell St; PO Box 7468

Contact Email:
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Missouri
Entry Deadline: 7/9/21
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 20
Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 5


Professional artist or artist team residing in the United States with public art project experience that matches the scope of the project and who have successfully managed and completed at least one publicly-funded commission on schedule and on budget.


The Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund was established in 1991 for beautification projects in North Kansas City.   The Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee was established to identify beautification projects that enhance the quality of life and create a culturally rich community for people to live, work and play.

Call Overview

This “Call to Artists” is seeking Artists wishing to be considered by the Committee for a commissioned unique and site-specific public art mural.  This will also be a long-term attraction to entice residents, visitors and celebrate the City's history and heritage.  The Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee will direct all activities in the selection process.

>>>>>Please click here for the Mural Wall Dimensions & Information<<<<<

Theme/Concepts to Consider

  • Rich History of North Kanas City
  • Missouri River
  • Industrial History
  • Urban Neighborhoods
  • North Kansas City’s Vision:  The vision for North Kansas City is to support existing places and create unique and sustainable activity centers, with enhanced character that can be branded to grow economic development and support the community.
  • Premium consideration will be given to potential murals that:
    • Tell a story.
    • Illustrate our industrial and railroad heritage, local identity (North Kansas City), uniqueness, history, and/or celebrates our ethnic and cultural diversity, skilled workforce, and community collaboration.
    • Enhance the public and pedestrian environment of North Kansas City through artistic expression by utilizing an attractive layout and color combinations.



Materials and designs need to be durable enough to last through potentially severe and hazardous weather, including high winds, and withstand harsh conditions over a long course of time without extensive maintenance.  The mural must be coated with a clear UV protectant paint to protect the mural from graffiti and ultraviolet rays.  Artwork(s) should be appropriate in size and height to site.  


East Wall of EXLTUBE, Bay 4, along Burlington Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116


The juror panel selected artist/s will receive an honorarium of up to $55,000 for the commissioned piece.  This includes costs associated with the project including but not limited to: site visits, surface preparation, paint/materials, scaffolding, and labor costs, and all contingency costs. Artists will be paid one-half of the compensation upon awarding of the commission and the remaining amount as arranged by contract.


Artists are responsible for all site preparation work and installing the artwork.  The mural must be coated with a clear UV protectant paint to protect the mural from graffiti and ultraviolet rays.

Selection Process 

An Artist Selection Panel composed of artists, administrators, Exltube representatives, and community members will review all submissions meeting the application requirements and deadline. Finalists will be interviewed by phone by the Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee to discuss their proposed artwork.  An illustration of the proposed piece must be provided for approval by the committee. Artworks that are offensive or those which do not meet community standards of decency will not be approved.  Visual imagery must be appropriate for all audiences (not containing advertising, partisan politics, sexual or religious content).  Selected artists must enter into a contractual agreement approved by City of North Kansas City.

Application Requirements 

Interested artists should submit the following to be considered:

  • Letter of interest. Please explain why you want to be considered for this mural.
  • Current Resume. Include information and details about educational background, previous work, gallery showings, and past experience in public art exhibits.
  • Color scale rendering (no larger than 8-1/2” x 14”) of the proposed design, including any text.
  • The artwork must include a small painted dedication area in the lower right-hand corner to acknowledge the Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund and Exltube.
  • Short narrative of the proposed work/project.  Suggest your interpretation of how your art would fit the North Kansas City community.
  • Lead artist’s qualifications and examples of previous work.
  • Work plan that includes surface preparation, primer, paint system, and clear coat.   The mural must be coated with a clear UV protectant paint to protect the mural from graffiti and ultraviolet rays.
  • Timeline for completing the project.
  • An estimate of costs associated with the project including but not limited to: surface preparation, paint/materials, scaffolding, and labor costs.
  • CAFÉ. Any questions regarding file preparation should be directed to the homepage of CAFÉ which is

 PLEASE NOTE: Once the Committee has approved the proposed mural design, the artist may not make additional changes to the design without returning to the Tim C. Crummett Family Charitable Fund Projects Committee for approval of the changes prior to implementation of the mural.

Project Timeline

Monday, May 24, 2021               Call to Artist is available on CAFÉ

Friday, July 9, 2021                       Artist Applications due by 5:00 PM to CAFÉ

Monday, July 5, 2021                  Jury process begins

TBD                                                       Selection Panel meets to determine artists

TBD                                                       Phone interview with selected artists

TBD                                                       Contracts must be signed by artists and returned to City

TBD                                                       Installation of Artwork(s)

TBD                                                       Dedication Event (date TBD)


Contact Kim Nakahodo at or call 816-412-7814.


North Kansas City History

In 1883, Willard E. Winner came to the area with visionary plans of building a city and bridge.  He built a rock road that became Swift Avenue, started constructing a bridge across the Missouri River, purchased land, and laid out subdivisions in town lots.   North Kansas City was well planned and built with homes, commercial houses, paved and lighted streets, a waterworks system and parks in advance of residents calling it home.

In 1891, a post office called North Kansas City was established, hence the name North Kansas City.  Large scale development of the area was not possible before the construction of levees protecting North Kansas City from flooding from the Missouri River. The levee on the north bank of the Missouri River was constructed between 1909 and 1912 and is owned and maintained by the North Kansas City Levee District. The City is also protected by a hillside levee.

The City was incorporated on November 4, 1912. A five-member board of trustees was elected in 1914 to oversee municipal affairs. One of the original trustees was William E. Macken, who was elected as the first mayor of North Kansas City in 1924. The city's largest park, Macken Park, is named for him.

In 2012, North Kansas City celebrated it Centennial with a citywide celebration.  Today, North Kansas City is a thriving, progressive community where residents, industry, commerce, and government work together for the common good.


North Kansas City’s resident population is approximately 4,300, but due to the robust business community, the daytime population boasts more than 25,000.  North Kansas City is a bustling center of commerce with just the right touch of small-town warmth.

Economic Base

North Kansas City is home for nearly one thousand companies engaged in manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, wholesale and retail trade, and business and personal services. This strong and stable economic base keeps taxes low and municipal services high in quantity and quality.

Major businesses include: Cerner Corporation’s world headquarters, North Kansas City Hospital, Harrah’s Casino & Hotel, BNSF Railway Company, Ingredion and Helzberg Diamond’s corporate headquarters.

Residential Areas

From the shaded elegance of well-established mature neighborhoods to the crisp, clean lines of contemporary design, you can find what you like in North Kansas City.  If a modern apartment, townhouse or duplex is more your style, those too are readily available.


History of EXLTUBE

Since our founding in 1981, EXLTUBE has been at the forefront of the manufacturing of mechanical and structural tubing. In 2003, a change in ownership resulted in an influx of capital investments to maintain this position. Enhancements were made to our two production lines including the automation of cut-to-length capabilities, a robotic bundling system, and dual-blade milling style cut-off for improved end cuts.

Robotic Bundling

Our standard pipe capabilities were added during this phase as a beveling line, coating line, and hydrotester providing us with the ability to add A53 to our product mix. Our Kansas City facility remains one of the only mills in the nation to produce and ship a mix of steel tube and pipe from a single location, giving our customers inventory and supply chain advantages.

Material Handling

Today, EXLTUBE has grown to over 700,000 square feet under roof for our production and warehousing operations. Our management, sales, and production teams work together to merge the newest technologies with market opportunities. This allows us to capitalize on niche opportunities while remaining steadfast in our commitment to deliver excellence for all our customers.

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