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The Lupin Award - ACP Public Art
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Entry Deadline: 9/6/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 6
Video | Minimum:Min. 0, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 4, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Georgia

Thanks to support from the Lupin Foundation, Atlanta Celebrates Photography sets out to find fresh thinkers with exciting novel ideas for creating a temporary public art exhibition in Atlanta which will appeal to diverse audiences and uses the power of photography as a catalyst for dialogue to stimulate cultural transformation. Strength of concept as well as artistic quality is of prime importance.

The artistic team (curator + artist, artist collective or individual artist) will determine the concept, content, and form of the exhibition. They will also be asked to contribute ideas for public programming with the aim of deepening the impact of the project. The team will be involved on a project basis from August/September 2021 through at least October 2022, culminating in a temporary public art installation and events to encompass 2-3 months during the 2022 Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival season (Sept./ Oct.) 2022.

Any individual or team (individual artist, curator with an artist, artist with other artists, or artist with a curator) may apply, provided that the person(s) or firm who will be responsible for the actual fabrication and/or construction of the piece(s) have had previous experience in the medium(s) proposed, which must be disclosed in detail in the application form.

Entry Fee: None

No media restrictions have been established in order to ensure maximum creativity for participating artists. However, since ACP is an organization that promotes all things photographic, it is a requirement that your project involve lens-based or photographic media as an integral part of the project (this includes images and/or video captured by a lens, or media in which light sensitivity is a primary element of the material, or reimagining the uses of photography and possibilities of imagery made with light or a camera).  We encourage you to think widely and to explore this concept without restraint.  Please keep in mind the “Selection Criteria” listed below. Projects that rely heavily on complex or untested technologies are discouraged. Please see the descriptions of past ACP projects for a demonstration of the variety of projects we have produced  

NOTE: If your work sample submissions include an existing public art project, please indicate the scale in the dimension fields. If your samples are scalable, you can move past these fields by entering "0"

$ 20,000.00 has been allocated for project costs. The budget is all-inclusive, covering design work, community engagement activities or workshops, construction and/or fabrication, transportation, delivery, site preparation, lighting (if applicable), insurance, consultant fees, installation and de-installation at the conclusion of the project. Artist’s travel and lodging (if applicable) and all other costs associated with the project (including Artist’s fee) are included in this amount.  If the proposed budget exceeds $ 20,000.00, your application must detail how the overage will be funded.

Site & Duration:  
Applicants may propose sites, or seek assistance from ACP to identify sites. Permission and access will need to be granted from the proper authorities. Consideration should also be given to security, view accessibility, and ambient light of a proposed site. ACP would like the project to begin with the opportunity to announce the winner in late September/early October 2021 (there is the possibility to engage ATL communities in activities in support of the project at this time) with the physical exhibition being complete and unveiled for ACPfest 2022 (Sept./ Oct. ). We will individually consider project durations as they relate specifically to your project. Plans to remove the project will be discussed during project refinement phase.

Submission Requirements:
All artists applying must provide the following materials:

n Contact information such as name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, website/social

n A succinct concept statement for the project (not to exceed 400 words). Statement must also include technical details, material selection, and any additional pertinent information including your suggested project Schedule (site visits, design, fabrication, installation and de-installation timeline).
Note: audience experience is the most important part of any public project. Realistically address audience experience in your statement. We encourage community-based activities to be a part of your concept. Funding to travel to ATL several times for this purpose is included in the budget (see budget section).

n   One page budget that lists the costs associated with the project and a list of the materials to be used. Make sure your budget is inclusive of all elements applicable described in “Budget” section above.

n    Current Resume (include individual resumes for all team members). Be sure to highlight your previous experience with the materials and technology that you are proposing for this project.

n   Up to 6 (six) work samples should be included in your application (jpegs, audio and video files are allowed). Include images that show a sense of your imagery and working process. Include year of project  in the image title.

Selection Criteria:

·         Ability to translate the artistic vision into a successful public art installation

·         Experience in development and implementation of public art projects

·         Concept, artistic quality and thematic impact

·         Must heavily feature photography

·         Feasibility of construction, suitable materials (ease of maintenance, sustainability etc.)

·         Public safety/welfare

·         Realistic and thorough budget

·         Audience Experience

Additional Information:
-Identification of your project’s needs as well as the planning and implementation of the public art project is the responsibility of the artist. ACP staff will assist all along the way.

 -Artist must be readily available and communicative with ACP staff during the entirety of the project.

- The organization encourages persons from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds to apply.

 -The project must be based on sound engineering principles and include a maintenance plan if needed.

-The artist agrees to present concepts and designs to committees, boards, community groups if needed.

-Artist agrees to refine artistic concepts and designs in conversation with the ACP Staff and consultants.

-Artist agrees to deliver and install the artwork.

-Artist agrees to provide documentation of the project, site plans and images of fabrication/ installation.

The artist will retain copyright of the works they produce, additionally, ACP retains the right to photograph or videotape work completed as part of this project for publicity, grant writing, and promotional purposes.  Your entry constitutes understanding and agreement with the conditions outlined in this request for proposals.

Application Deadline:  extended - Sept 6th at 11:59pm MT, 2021

Mid August 2021. First round Selection Notification. Up to THREE finalists will be granted an honorarium of $1000, and the opportunity to refine their proposals based on jury feedback.

September 2021. Second round Winner notification: Lupin Award Winning artist/artistic team will receive an honorarium of $1000 upon signing the contract (honorariums apply to Artist Fee section of your budget).

October 2021: Winner visits Atlanta in conjunction with announcement/ACP program, plus any community engagement work can begin at this time.

Jan – Aug 2022: Opportunities to visit Atlanta in support of the project

Sept/Oct 2022: Completed project unveiled as featured component of the 2022 ACP festival.

About ACP:
We believe photography changes lives!

Since 1998, ACP has delivered a photo festival each October, plus year-round programs that support the photo-based arts community. Through our programs we seek to promote diverse voices, inspire engaging conversation, and enrich Atlanta’s cultural scene.

Public Art removes barriers to reach audiences and allows all members of our community to experience the arts during the course of their daily lives. ACP’s Public Art initiatives have featured temporary projects throughout metro-Atlanta. Visit to view past public projects.

About the Lupin Foundation

The Lupin Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization, centered upon supporting institutions across the country via various forms of charitable acts and donations. Founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1980 by three brothers, Drs. Arnold, Sam, and Ralph Lupin, after the sale of the non-profit St. Charles General Hospital in New Orleans which they had also founded. Like the hospital, the foundation was a way to give back to their beloved community.

 Originally focused on organizations in their immediate backyard—the metro New Orleans region—the board and its members evolved, grew, and expanded into new cities and regions. Dr. Arnold Lupin’s tenure as Board President has continued since founding. The Lupin Foundation prides themselves on being active and supportive members of the arts, healthcare, research and educational communities, and are always actively looking to expand their donation network!

Application Requirements

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Eligibility Criteria

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