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IT'S ALL IN THE INTERPRETATION for Photographers and Artists
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Entry Deadline: 8/20/21
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Media Fee(Additional Media Fee): $5.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Regional
State: Florida
Event Dates: 7/13/21 - 8/20/21

A "sight" translation” discovering, determining and assigning meaning to what may be an obscure translation or version. A reframing and understanding of what appears to be the same by offering two different perspectives and interpretations, one by the photographer and one by an artist. 
A Call to FLORIDA PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ALSO TO ARTISTS (TWO SEPARATE PROFESSIONALS / PEOPLE) combined to team (partnered by our Gallery 526 jury)  up for this remarkable event.

A charity event for the American Cancer Society held at Gallery 526 located at 526 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 
PHOTOGRAPHERS and ARTISTS  partner in creating two separate bodies of work. Both will share their personal interpretations of the photographer's image in their own style.
AUGUST 20, 2021 Midnight deadline for entry
AUGUST 25, 2021 Juried selection and notification
AUGUST 25, 2021: Once notified, the photographer will email the selected image to Gallery 526 to send to the (jury selected) artist to begin painting / creating his interpretation in any medium of the phototgrapher's image on a 16 x 20, canvas, linen board or panel. 
SEPTEMBER 30, 2021:The 16 x 20, framed, metal, acrylic or wood panel finished photographs from the photographer, along with  the 16 x 20 art work from the artist must be delivered ready to hang for installation in the gallery. 

The photographer may submit up to THREE (3) submissions for a total of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) in one or any of the following categories.

Four categories:

  1. Florida Landscapes
  2. Digital Art / Abstract
  3. Pop Art
  4. Windows and Doors
The artist may also submit up to THREE (3) submissions for a total of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) to show their best work in various interdisciplinary styles and mediums they may utilize to convey their personal interpretation of the photographer's image.

This is a juried exhibition. Each photographer will be partnered with jury selected artist for this exhibition. Both will provide their own interpretation of the selected photographer's image.

Image submission format for the photographer: 

  1. A jpeg, capped at 5 mg for submission to CAFE with high resolution
  2. Minimum of 1500 ppi in longest edge for submission to CAFE
  3. Please be aware the final image selected must be able to be printed to a 16 x 20 size with high resolution, a clean, clear and concise print. (300 ppi suggested or better for printing)

4   The naming convention / format must be as follows on the         three submitted images. ie: Name__Title

Once selected by our jury:

  1. Photographer agrees to produce and print a 16 x 20 high resolution / definition print (300 ppi minimum)
  2. It can be framed with a high quality white mat, clear clean glass and a (1” to 1.5” only, no wider) gallery wood or metal black frame OR  it can be custom printed on metal, acrylic or thick wood panel.
  3. Photographer agrees to email the jury the selected image in the above required format to Gallery 526, ( immediately upon notification of being selected. This image will be for distribution to a jury selected artist partner.
  4. The jury will select an artist partner for the photographer who will take the photographic image and create the artist’s interpretation of the image by painting, collage, encaustic, mono-print, ink, pencil or charcoal, colored pencil, oil pastel or mixed media.

Both the photographic image and the work of art will be available for sale for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. We are planning to fill the entire gallery with these amazing images and works of art.

A preview and sale of the photographic images along with the artwork will be held October 1 through Oct 29, 2021 with a charity event on Saturday, October 30, 2021 where the remaining photographic images and artwork will be sold or auctioned that evening.
Throughout the month as the photographic images and artwork is sold, a red sticker will denote the sale of the piece but the piece will not be removed until the end of the night of the opening. Commissions will be paid within 10 days in November to each photographer and artist who has submitted and sold their work.

Artist commission of 30% of sale price. Gallery will also receive 30% of sale price = total of 60% of sale price.  American Cancer Society will receive 40% of the sale price of each sale.

$1000.00 Sale price
$  400.00 to American Cancer Society
$600.00 to be split equally between the photographer and Gallery 526. ($300. and $300.)

If the final image submitted and selected, does not meet required standards as it relates to image size and clarity, the jury of Gallery 526 has the right to disqualify photographer and image with no refunds. We must have clean, crisp, clear prints of high resolution for sale. Nothing less will be accepted. Please call Gallery 526 to ask for assistance should you have questions. (610) 428.3943 - Thank you!


Standard inexpensive 16” x 20” frames and high quality white mats can be purchased at Jerry’s Artarama, Easel Art Supply Center, Michaels or your personal favorite supplier. Metal, acrylic and wide birch panel photographic prints are produced by any number of suppliers. Please select one you are familiar with should you decide to have a metal, acrylic or wood print produced for the exhibition and sale.


Photographers should use their preferred printing resource for the final image to sell at the charity exhibition at Gallery 526.


Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria