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Colony West Club House Art

Entry Deadline: 11/3/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Budget: PROJECT BUDGET: Budget: 3 original paintings or bas relief wall artwork. $3000 for each painting: or bas relief artwork: total budget $9000


NAME: Colony West Clubhouse:

LOCATION: 6850 and 6800 NW 88th Avenue, Tamarac, Florida

DUE DATE OF APPLICATION: Wednesday, Nov 3r, 2021

PROJECT BUDGET: Budget: 3 original paintings or bas relief wall artwork. $3000 for each painting: or bas relief artwork: total budget $9000



Public Art Project Description

The City of Tamarac, Florida is seeking to commission an artist for an original painting for 3 different walls at the new Colony West Clubhouse, located at 6850 and 6800 NW 88th Avenue, Tamarac, Florida. Three paintings will be selected from 3 different artist, or the Public Art Committee (PAC) my select 2 or 3 works of art from one artist


The application deadline is Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021 and is open to all professional artists in Florida.


Qualities of Artwork


This Request for Proposal is emphasizing the City of Tamarac’s desire to commission artwork that is tasteful and contemporary. The artwork must mesh with the interior of the new Clubhouse.  Images of the 3 commissioned public artworks completed at the Clubhouse is viewed in this call. Once known for its retirement community, Tamarac has now evolved into a City of families and youth. The artwork must be original, large in size, (images of walls where art will be placed, and size desired follows below). If the work is not tropical, and the artists feels it is appropriate, the PAC will view all submissions.


       A picture containing tree, sky, outdoor, plant

Description automatically generated

  Jim Bowman glass                Lasvit suspended ceiling sculpture               Mike Szabo sculpture


Description of Location


The paintings/artworks will be located at the following 3 locations of newly constructed Colony West Clubhouse.








Location #


Back wall of the lobby, ground floor before entering the restaurant


Location # 2

  Back wall as on 2nd floor by the elevator


Location # 3

   Upstairs back wall across from Glass wall sculpture


Criteria for Selecting Proposals


All artists must meet the guidelines of the program.

1. Artistic merit of concept.

2. Style and Appropriateness: Artwork should demonstrate that it is compatible in relationship to the Colony West Clubhouse and Tamarac Community.

3. Technical Considerations and Feasibility: Including the artist’s artistic history and experience in completing public art projects within the timeline and budget, as well as the sustainability of the project.

4. Safety and Maintenance: Artwork should be durable, meet the requirements of insurance policies and be resistant to theft and/or vandalism. Materials should require minimal periodic maintenance and be readily available if conservation or restoration is necessary.

5. Diversity: Reflects the overall project goal to strive for diversity in style, scale, media and artists working in traditional and contemporary art forms.





Artist Requirements Once Selected:

• Transportation and off-truck loading of the artwork to the specific site in Tamarac;

• Installation of the artwork;

• Approval of the Public Art Committee and the City Commission.

• Professional photos of the completed artwork for publication and marketing.


Highlights from the following will be required in the contract (see attached draft contract in substantial form as required if selected):

• Indemnify, and hold the City of Tamarac harmless from any and all claims and damages

• Liability and other insurance.


a.     Artist

i.    General Liability Insurance naming the City as an additional insured.

ii.   Worker’s Compensation Insurance or a Florida Workers’ Compensation Exemption.  If the artist will not be coming on City Property, Workers’ Compensation is not required.

iii.  Automobile Liability proof of insurance (personal automobile insurance proof is acceptable)


b.    Installation Company


i.      General Liability Insurance naming the City as additional insured.

ii.     Worker’s compensation Insurance or a Florida Worker’s Compensation Exemption as required by Florida Statue.

iii.    Automobile Liability Insurance



The City reserves the right to modify the draft contract provided with this RFP.


Anticipated Art Project Schedule (subject to change)


·       Artist Applications Deadline: Wednesday, Nov 3rd

·       Public Art Committee Selection of Semi-Finalists: Tuesday, November 16, 2021

·      Shortlisted Artist Notified : Tuesday, November 23,2021



• City Commission Approval: December 2021

• Artwork Permitting/Installed: TBD


Artwork Budget


The budget for the project established is $9000 for 3 wall artworks, or $3000 for one wall artwork. Artwork can be a painting or a bas relief,  The budget includes all costs for the finished artwork to be hung on the wall.

Artist Eligibility


The project is open to all professional visual artists or artist team in Florida. Artists/artist teams should have experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm with government agencies. Artist/Artist teams must be able to effectively work City Staff and the Public Art Committee whenever it is required. Artist or Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a professional artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the sole commission of artwork, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of artwork in public institutions or museums, receipt of honors and awards, and training in the arts.

Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of members of the Public Art Committee, City Staff or Program Administrators, or whose art work already exist in the City’s public art inventory.


Selection Process


The Tamarac Public Art Committee manages the application process and will review the proposals. The committee includes arts professionals and community representatives, and City Staff. The committee will review the submissions and directly select one, two or three artists. The City Commission will make the final award to the selected Artist or artists.  The committee and/or the City Commission reserves the right to withhold the commission award if it should not find a satisfactory artwork.


Application Requirements


All submissions must be done via CAFÉ at


All items become the property of the City of Tamarac.



All questions must be submitted to AND


Website for City of Tamarac:


Gadson & Ravitz, LLC – Public Art Administrators


The Community: Tamarac, Florida


Tamarac is a unique city that has been built through a strong and dedicated community spirit, good land use planning and prudent management of municipal resources. Since its incorporation in 1963, Tamarac has prospered and grown into a full service city. Tamarac is approximately 12 square miles located in central Broward County. The approximate population of the City is 60,000. The City of Tamarac constantly strives to meet the needs and improve the health, welfare and safety of its residents. Tamarac prides itself on being a government that is responsive to its residents and is “Committed to Excellence….Always.”



All submissions must be done via CAFÉ at

The project is open to all professional visual artists or artist team in Florida.