Call Detail
Art Consultant for Fire Station Projects
Entry Deadline: 8/25/21
Application Closed
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Washington

The City of Kirkland, WA seeks respondents to a request for qualifications (RFQ) from qualified firms or individuals to provide services as an art consultant for four fire station projects in the City. The complete RFQ, including all submittal requirements, can be found on the City of Kirkland’s website at:

All applicants must submit qualifications via the City of Kirkland’s website. 

Call 425-587-3123 if unable to access RFQ documents online. 

Total project budget $466,500

Qualifications should be prepared simply, providing straight forward, concise descriptions of the applicant’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the request. Please limit submissions to 15 pages. A successful consultant should have a thorough understanding of a broad range of technical, administrative, and contractual issues related to program and project management of public projects—as well as an effective communication style.

The consultant should possess a high degree of competency not only with traditional program and project management and administration processes and methods, but they should also be well-versed in the issues associated with building information models, computer-based schedule programs, web-based file management and information systems, and other engineering and construction technology tools being used by sophisticated design and construction firms.

The consultant should demonstrate competency in areas such as cost estimating, constructability reviews, value engineering, risk management, development consulting, permitting, A&E services, and project budgeting.

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