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2021 Responsible Business Education Grant

Entry Deadline: 11/12/21
Application Closed
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Call Type: Grants
Eligibility: International
State: New York

In April 2021, the Women's Jewelry Association Foundation founded its Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability Education Fund. In partnership with leading institutions and organizations, this fund supports education for sustainability champions and leaders which will help innovate the future of the industry, with the goal of protecting the planet for generations to come.

This year WJA Foundation will be giving out Responsible Business Education Grants to two individuals to enroll in New York University's School of Business Executive Education sustainability programs. Courses such as “Corporate Sustainability” taught by Professor Tensie Whelan, former President of the Rainforest Alliance, are designed for professionals, employed in small and large companies alike, to help their businesses be a positive force for change through sustainable supply chain management, employee and consumer engagement, sustainability marketing and more.

This year's grants are being sponsored by Platinum Guild International, an organization is dedicated to promoting platinum and its pure, rare and eternal qualities to the consumer and the jewelry trade. PGI has offices in each of the world's major jewelry markets, providing information, assistance and education on all aspects of platinum jewelry. For more information please visit

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit responses to essay questions demonstrating their commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability practices in their career and/or business. Applicants may also upload images but these are optional.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be current members of the WJA for at least one year prior to applying.