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Norman Forward 1% for Art: Senior Wellness Center

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Entry Deadline: 7/7/22
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Work Sample Requirements
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: Oklahoma
Budget: $100,000

Request for Qualifications                                             

Project Description

Norman Arts Council, on behalf of The City of Norman and Norman Forward Percent for Art for the Senior Wellness Center, is seeking an artist (or team of artists) to create a significant work of art for the Senior Wellness Center to be located in Norman, Oklahoma.

Norman is a growing, progressive city located 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City and is the third-largest city in Oklahoma. The citizens of Norman initiated NORMAN FORWARD, a proposal to renovate, expand, construct and fund Quality of Life projects, such as multiple recreational facilities, libraries, parks, athletic venues, public art, trails, swim complexes and other quality of life projects throughout Norman.  The initiative went to the City Council from community groups, stakeholders and Norman residents, who prepared an initial package using analysis and information from recreational planning professionals and research firms. In 2015, the City Council placed NORMAN FORWARD on a ballot that was overwhelmingly supported by Norman voters. The Senior Center was not included in the budget at that time but it was later approved which is allowing Norman to build a state-of-the-art facility. For more information about Norman, please see and

Norman Senior Wellness Center

There are six factors that embody the definition of a great wellness center. These six essential factors are emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and occupational. The goal of the new Norman Senior Wellness Center is to provide programs under one roof to improve the quality of life for all adults over 50 in the Norman community.

The mission of this facility is to achieve that goal by:

  • Connecting adults and creating community through social wellness activities and initiatives,
  • Supplying access to professional and recreational physical fitness activities,
  • Providing education and support on current adult-related issues;
  • Delivering services for anyone in the community with reasonable membership prices, a sliding scale, and scholarships.

A few of the planned programs are private training, group exercise classes, pickle ball, drawing and painting, hand-built pottery, glazing pre-fired pottery, mixed media, floral design, healthy cooking classes from beginner to advanced, and more. In additional to programs, there will be events, such a movie nights, festivals, and seminars.

The total approved project budget for the Senior Wellness Center is $12.4 million. The world-class facility will include amenities such as a walking track, warm saltwater pool, multi-purpose rooms for classes and exercise, multiple classrooms for art, a strength training area and teaching kitchen, all housed in an over 30,000 square foot facility.

Senior Wellness Center located in the planned Porter Health Village

In a special partnership between the Norman Regional Health System and the City of Norman, the Wellness Center will be located in a completely redesigned wellness campus in central Norman. NRHS has proudly served the Norman community for more than 74 years and has a rich legacy of providing high-quality, acute care services. The plans for the 29-acre Porter Health Village are centered on a transition in healthcare from a focus on sickness to one of wellness. The creation of the Porter Health Village will serve a diverse population by offering mixed-use of health and lifestyle services such as urgent and primary care clinics, social service agencies, behavioral health services, and the Senior Wellness Center.

A plan of the Senior Wellness building, an exterior view, and site plan of the full Porter Health Village are included at the end of this RFQ.

The groundbreaking ceremony video can be seen at:

The Artwork

The Selection Panel has determined that the most effective artwork will be either:

  • a monumental, exterior piece on the lawn just south of the main entrance in front of the multi-purpose room windows OR
  • inside the building in the area from the front entrance through the lounge. This area has a ceiling height of 26’ in the entry and 12’ 6” in the lobby.

See the attached images of the front of the building and the floor plan.

The chosen artwork, regardless of where it is located, should have a presence that draws people to it and reflects the six essential factors and goal of the Senior Wellness Center as described above. This inviting and approachable work of art should express qualities of well-being, vitality, and communal support. Since the activities that will be offered at the Senior Wellness Center are designed to rejuvenate, energize, and motivate physical, mental, and emotional activity, a work of art that has motion (kinetic or static with the appearance of movement), changing lights, and/or plays off reflections and shadows would be embraced.

The artwork should be very visible to all the people who use the space, including members who will be active adults aged 50+, staff, service providers, and caregivers. If the artwork is on the exterior of the building, it should distinguish the Senior Wellness Center from other buildings in the Porter Health Village and make a statement about the activities that take place there.

The Senior Wellness Center artwork should also relate to the Norman community and its unique identity. The City of Norman makes exercise, health, and well-being a priority for all its citizens by providing numerous accessible parks, walking and biking trails, and sports fields across the City. The Senior Wellness Center will be an important addition to Norman that will contribute greatly to the City maintaining its high standard of quality of life.

Artwork that would be located outside should complement the natural beauty of the site and the architecture of the building and should draw visitors to the entrance of the facility.

The Selection Panel is open to any media or material that is appropriate to the site as long as it is durable, safe, low maintenance and vandalism resistant.


The total artist's fee for the project is $100,000.00. This amount must cover all associated costs including design, materials, fabrication, lighting, travel, insurance coverage, shipping, and installation.

Artist Eligibility

Open to professional artists with experience working on public art projects of this scale and working in creating site-specific works.

Artists identifying with an ethnic, cultural, sexual, gender, economic, or ability minority are encouraged to apply.


  • RFQ Deadline: July 7, 2022 11:59pm MST

The following dates are subject to change:

  • Notify Artists:  August 1, 2022
  • Finalists’ Site Visit: Approximately August 22, 2022
  • Finalists’ Presentation of Proposals: Approximately September 26, 2022  
  • Selection of Artist: Approximately October 25, 2022
  • Opening of Norman Senior Wellness Center:  Estimated summer of 2023

Committee and Selection Criteria

Selection for this project will be made by a panel including stakeholders, design professionals, a City representative, a member of the Norman Public Art board, a member of the Norman Arts Council Board, and members of the arts community.


Three finalists will be selected based on the materials submitted---please see the Application Guidelines above.


After a formal presentation, the selection panel will choose the best project for the site based on the merit of the artist’s work, past experience including completing projects on time and within budget, and appropriateness of the proposed concept. The Panel will also consider artists who can demonstrate sensitivity to the site and surroundings. Artists must be able to commit and effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with the administration of City of Norman Parks and Recreation Department and Norman Arts Council.

Selection Process

  1. The Selection Panel will review all applicants who respond to this RFQ.
  2. Three finalists will be invited to move on in the process.
  3. Finalists will come to Norman for a mandatory site visit to meet with the Project Team and others. Finalists will be paid a $650.00 allowance to cover transportation, hotel, and per diem expenses for the site visit.
  4. After the site visit, finalists will be asked to create a site-specific design proposal that will include:
    • a scale model, maquette, or computer-generated design
    • an itemized budget
    • a project timeline
    • project narrative
    • maintenance plan
  5. Finalists will each be awarded an honorarium of $1,000.00 for their proposal.
  6. Finalists will be required to present their proposals in-person to the Selection Panel and will receive a $650.00 allowance for transportation, hotel, and per diem expenses for the proposal presentations.
  7. The Selection Panel will make the final decision on the artist awarded the project pending approval of the Norman Arts Council and Norman City Council.

Commissioning of artists is implemented without preference to racial or ethnic origins, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or age, and all are encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements

Submissions for this project must contain the following materials:

  • A one-page maximum typed letter of interest outlining your qualifications for and interest in the project, as well as the general idea for your approach.  Please consider the following questions when developing your letter of interest:
    • Why do you want to work on this project
    • How would you approach this project? 
    •  What materials do you work with that would be appropriate for outdoor use?
    • Have you worked on similar projects? If not, what relevant experiences do you have?
    • How does the project relate to your current work?
  • Resume (not to exceed three pages)
  • A list of three references with whom you have worked on a public art project, including current telephone number and email address.
  • 10 to 15 digital high-resolution images of previous work you feel would support your ability to carry out this project

Eligibility Criteria

Artist Eligibility

Open to professional artists with experience working on public art projects of this scale and working in creating site-specific works.

Artists identifying with an ethnic, cultural, sexual, gender, economic, or ability minority are encouraged to apply.