Call Detail
Mosaics 2022: As Seen Through New Eyes
Entry Deadline: 6/1/22
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $35.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado

Foothills Art Center (FAC) is pleased to partner with Colorado Mosaic Arts for a national juried exhibition featuring modern mosaic art. Mosaics 2022 – As Seen Through New Eyes is an opportunity to showcase the unique and compelling perspective of modern fine art mosaics which uses an ancient language but with a contemporary translation. While traditional mosaics are fashioned from marble, stone, and glass; contemporary mosaicists can also include an extensive palette of unique, contemporary materials. The goal of this exhibit is to broaden the view of mosaic art by asking artists to enlist their muse to see this age-old art form through present day eyes.





Open to all artists working in contemporary mosaics, living in the United States.

·         $35 entry fee. Up to 3 works may be entered, 0 to 3 works may be accepted.

·         Artwork must be:

o   For sale – FAC retains a 30% commission on art sales. Artists will be reimbursed by FAC for their share of the sale by check within a month of the show ending.

o   Original - artist’s original design completed within the past two years (2020 through 2022). Reproductions of ancient mosaics and copyrighted material are not permitted. Obvious copyright infringement will result in the removal of all work for consideration prior to jurying.

o   Not previously shown at FAC

·         Wall mosaics: Mosaics that are mounted to a vertical flat surface and are two-dimensional panels, bas-relief panels, or wall sculptures. These must measure no wider than 36 inches total (including spacing between multi-sectional work) and weigh no more than 40 lbs. All work must be suitably framed and have all hardware ready for hanging.  No saw tooth hangers or pressed wood frames.


·         Free-standing mosaics: Mosaics that are sculptural or three-dimensional in form that stand by themselves, on a pedestal, or floor surface. These must measure no more than 36 inches in any one dimension and weigh no more than 40 lbs. All work must be installation ready, with instructions if necessary.




·         February 16, 2022                           Digital submission period opens on CaFÉ

·         June 1, 2022                                     Digital submission deadline

·         June 15, 2022                                   Notification of selection e-mailed

·         July 18 – 20, 2022                           Shipped work scheduled to arrive at FAC

·         July 20, 2022; 11am-2pm               Hand delivered work to arrive at Foothills Art Center

·         July 30 – October 2, 2022              Exhibition dates (works must remain in exhibit

for the entire length of the show)

·         July 29, 2022; 5pm-7pm                 Artist Reception at Foothills Art Center

·         July 30 – July 31, 2022                   Workshop - Layered Glass Mosaics

·         Oct. 3, 2022; 10am-2pm                 Artwork pickup Foothills Art Center

·         October 3, 2022                               All work to be shipped out by this date




Work will be co-juried by a nationally known mosaic artist and the Curator of Foothills Art Center. The choices of the selected entries are solely decided by the jurors and their decisions are final.



1.Yulia Hanansen


Yulia Hanansen is a second-generation artist. Having mastered many techniques including mosaics, printmaking, drawing, painting, textiles, and more, Yulia has been professionally involved in mosaic making since 2001. She takes pride in her ability to be able to create art in a variety of media and in a vast array of themes. Pieces include architectural installations, back-splashes, wall art, public and community projects. Yulia is a recipient of numerous awards for her mosaic and printmaking artwork, including "Best in Show" and "Juror's Choice" awards at Mosaic Arts International. Her works have been exhibited in the galleries nationwide and internationally. In addition to exhibiting her artwork, Yulia has also juried and curated multiple shows involving such media as mosaics, prints, paintings, and sculpture. As well as being a full time artist, she is also a long-time mosaic instructor at her Mosaic Sphere Studio LLC and her online Learn Fine Arts school. Besides mosaics, Yulia also teaches printmaking and drawing classes at Towson University in Maryland where she is currently an adjunct professor. 



2.Eriq Hochuli

Eriq earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Albany in New York. He continued his education in the capital region, completing a master’s program in visual arts education and working as a student-teacher in surrounding cities to complete his New York State certification. Eriq has been the Curator at Foothills Art Center for five years bringing a remarkably diverse array of exhibitions and experiences for the community.


Juror Yulia Hanansen will present a two-day workshop, Layered Glass Mosaics. This workshop is a liberating experience where you learn about the freedom of using tesserae in layers. Explore how form and volume can be emphasized with "brush-stroke" tesserae, and how to create an exciting flow and direction in your mosaic. 

This technique takes you beyond a traditional completion of the mosaic. When you work on a traditional mosaic your piece is finished when you put down the last tessera and fill in the last empty spot on your substrate. With layered mosaics there is virtually no limit on how many pieces of tesserae can be put down and stacked up. You decide when the mosaic is done. This is the technique where andamento gains a new level of freedom. You will learn a multi-layered brush-stroke technique that uses small boat-shaped stained glass pieces. This technique is compared to painting in glass- you will learn to direct and control the flow of your pieces, stack them up to form rhythmic textures, and use layering to achieve transparency and shading effects.


Awards – Totaling $2,500

·         Best in Show - $1,000: work receiving highest collective marks from Jury through all rounds of review.

·         Technical Distinction - $500: work that demonstrates excellence in the methods, materials, and execution.

·         Contemporary Innovation - $500: work that provides for experimentation and pushes the boundaries of mosaic art.

·         Juror’s Awards (2 given) - $250: individual award of merit selected by each juror.




The jury process will take place by digital image review. 

·         File Type: JPEG or JPG only

·         File Dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. Anything larger than 1200 px will be resized to fit the limitations.

·         File Size: Under 5 MB

·         2-D artwork – Only the artwork should show in the photo.  No frames or extraneous backgrounds.

·         3-D artwork – Should be photographed with a plain background; 2 images are permitted for 3-D artwork

·         All entries should list: title, medium, size, price and year of completion






Artists selected for the exhibit will be asked to provide an Artist Statement about the work selected to be used for exhibition and publication purposes.  All final statements of work accepted by FAC will not be proofread for typos, grammar, or style, and may not exceed 200 words.


The acceptance of artwork grants FAC/CMA the right to reproduce an image of work in a print catalog, publicity poster, on the FAC/CMA websites, and other sites used for publicity purposes.  Artists retain all copyrights to their individual works.


Selected work received that differs from the submitted images will be excluded from the exhibition.  No substitutions of accepted work will be allowed.






Artists are responsible for drop off/pick up/shipping and insurance to and from the venue. FAC and CMA assume no responsibility for works while in transit, to or from the exhibition. Artwork must be in good condition and able to withstand the ordinary strains of transportation. Artists will be notified of any work that arrives in damaged condition to determine insurance claim needs.


All shipped artwork must include a return shipping label barcode sticker that is prepaid for the return destination and can be scanned by the return expediter. Please state on the identification sheet included with your work if the art is to be returned via air or ground. Work will only be returned to a street address.  No post office box numbers will be accepted for shipping.


Artwork must be shipped in a substantial, reusable shipping container that meets shipping standards with proper protective cushioning and support for the artwork installed inside the container.  No foam popcorn or shredded materials packaging. Neither FAC nor CMA will be responsible for breakage due to incorrect packing or an insufficient container when returning artwork as it was originally shipped.


FAC/CMA reserve the right to decline hanging/staging of an entry if the artwork is received in damaged condition and will return the entry at the artist’s expense.


FAC will provide insurance on all works while on display at the galley.

Application Requirements

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Eligibility Criteria

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