Call Detail
But Once A Year: Holiday Art Market

5417 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Contact Email:
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: Pennsylvania
Event Dates: 11/20/21 - 12/31/21
Entry Deadline: Rolling
Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 8
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 8
Entry Fee (Entry Fee for 2 entries): $20.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum):$5.00

But Once A Year: Holiday Art Market seeks to display and sell works of art from any style with the primary focus being on sales, particularly end of year during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Works do not have to express a specific holiday or holiday themes (although this is acceptable), but should be unique art and/or craft items that shoppers would consider purchasing as gifts, and set at affordable prices for casual art buyers.  Authentic reproductions, prints, and works that can be sold in multiples will also be accepted for this opportunity.

Deadline and shipping will be rolling through November and artists will be contacted on an individual basis as applications arrive.  The first hard cutoff to receive formal notice on your application status will be November 10th.

Vestige Concept Gallery is an in-person arts display space and store located in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville, a fun arts, culture, and shopping neighborhood.  We promote and sell works to casual walk-in's, private clients, as well as online, through mixed exhibitions and events.

Holiday Art Market is accepting works from emerging, mid-career, and/or professional artists. Work should somehow relate to the theme of the show in the sense of "season", and items that are unique, handmade, fun, small-to-mid sized, and affordable.  Examples include ceramics, photography, items made into greeting cards and prints, items geared toward children, holiday or winter themed (not exclusively), jewelry, jewelry boxes, wooden items, sculpture, paintings, watercolors, prints (such as woodblock, screen print etc.), fiber arts and much more.  

If working with a gallery to promote and sell your works is something that interests you, or you have worked with a gallery in the past, this is a great opportunity to do so.  We are ready to discuss pricing and marketing if necessary.  Interested artists should have a desire to market and sell their work and ideally, have some sort of online or local presence.  The primary goal of this event is to sell art.      

But Once A Year Holiday Arts Market will open on November 20th and run through December 31st, with sales promotions and special holiday social events throughout the duration.  


  • All entries and fees will be processed through
  • Applicants may submit up to eight (8) entries. Two (2) entries are included in the $20 application.
  • An additional charge of $5 per entry is charged for any additional submissions over 2.
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE is November 10th, 2021 but will extend on a rolling basis through November. This means that you will be contacted if we wish to proceed with your work, with a first round formal notice no later than November 11th.   
  • First Round Shipped works of art should arrive no later than Friday, November 19th, with the latest being around Thanksgiving/Black Friday.  Since there is no opening reception, we are accepting applications and shipments on a rolling basis throughout the remainder of November, with more notices given as applications are received.
  • Any items submit for consideration you should have available and ready to ship, if accepted.  


Specific items accepted for this opportunity should be removed from any other sales platform.  If editioned and agreed to remain on multiple platforms, prices should match so as not to undercut one another.  

  1. Artists accepted into the show must fill out and return a Loan Agreement, and later, be willing to provide an artist pic, short bio, and web/social links (if applicable). These items are necessary for the Online version of the show and other promotions. By submitting this information, you provide Vestige Concept Gallery all rights to post the work on their gallery website and within a paper brochure for the event.
  2. Accepted artwork must be the actual artwork as seen in the submitted images. No substitutions. Vestige Concept Gallery reserves the right to pull any artwork that differs from the images in the accepted submission.  Any Giclees will automatically be pulled from the show unless it was initially stated in the description that the work itself is a Giclee.
  3. Accepted artwork listed for sale must be for the price listed in the submission. No last-minute price changes.
  4. Vestige Concept Gallery will retain a 30% commission for any artwork sold--please factor this into your pricing.  No overpricing and NFS.
  5. Artists are responsible for shipping & optional shipping insurance to and from Vestige Concept Gallery. A prepaid return shipping label must be included. Fedex or UPS only. No cash or checks.
  6. Shipped work must be sent in reusable, sturdy boxes and marked with your name. No loose peanuts. Artwork framed with glass is the responsibility of the artist and is not recommended.  Artwork with glass that arrives in broken condition may be pulled from the event if artist is unable to remedy the issue.
  7. Late or damaged work will not be exhibited.
  8. Art damaged in transit is solely the responsibility of the artist and shipper. Artwork may also be hand-delivered, if applicable.
  9. Wall pieces MUST be securely wired, framed, and properly prepared for display.  Painted edges and/or a clean edge gallery wrap (i.e. the gallery edges were masked off prior to painting), are acceptable.  Sawtooths are ok for photography only, that weighs less than 5 pounds
  10. 2D Work must not exceed 30lbs, including frame.  3D work or audio/video must be available to discuss the display with gallery member, if selected, and you will be placed into "waitlist" status and be contacted by the gallery.   3D artists may wish to inquire with the gallery first before submitting.


NOV 10  Soft Application Deadline (Deadline will remain rolling)
NOV 19   Soft Deadline for shipped or dropped-off work
NOV 20   Soft Opening

Thanksgiving Weekend:  Hard Opening
Nov/Dec -  Normal Business Hours
DEC 31 - Show Closes
JAN 4 -  Unsold artwork is packaged and shipped back

Any questions please reach out to:

Thank you!

Image samples, bio, and optional artist statement. 

  • But Once A Year: Holiday Art Market is open to any artists over age 18, within the United States, Canada, and worldwide.
  • Work should be original, and ready to display.  If small or print copies, etc., items should be packaged to be displayed in a professional manner.
  • Work must be for sale. (No "NFS" or deliberate overpricing)
  • Giclées and reproductions will be accepted for this event, but should be numbered and/or authenticated, and documented and packaged accordingly.  Specific items accepted should be removed from any other sales platform.
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