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Storm Outfall Art

Entry Deadline: 11/16/21
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 6, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Budget: $80,000


          The City of Greeley is a community with a population of approximately 110,000, located west of the confluence of the South Platte and Cache la Poudre Rivers. The Sunrise neighborhood, which is loosely defined as the area between 8th St (north), 16th St (south), Highway 85 (east), and Union Pacific Railroad (west):, will see a large storm water Capital Improvement project over the next several years. The City of Greeley is working closely with residents in the Sunrise neighborhood, a community with a mix of residential and industrial zones with many of the parcels being single-family homes. The collaborative decision making process will continue with this overall project.  


The Phase I, design, budget for an artist to work as the artwork design consultant in 2022 with the project design team is $25,000, paid in installments throughout the design process. The selected artist must be willing to take part in one or two meetings each month in Greeley with the design team. Artist will develop three or four preliminary artwork designs with input from the Architecture and Engineering firm hired to complete the overall design of the 12th St Outfall project and submit one final design of the City’s choosing. Phase II, construction, of the contract will include installment payments of not more than $55,000 for artwork to be fabricated and installed into the area near the water quality pond no sooner than January, 2023; the projected completion for the overall project is June – December, 2023.  The total contracted amount for the entire project will be not exceed $80,000.

 Scope of Work

The primary goal for the overall Stormwater project is to design a major storm outfall system and water quality pond in accordance with the North Greeley and Downtown Storm Drainage Master Plan, 12th Street Outfall Preliminary Design. The proposed outfall location is highly visible from the Highway 85 bridge that crosses over the Poudre River by southbound traffic.  The City sees an opportunity for significant improvement of this area with the addition of water themed artwork. Site-specific structures, art forms, and sculptures that contribute to place making will dramatically change the aesthetics of the neighborhood and the dynamics of the space.

The City desires for the pond to provide aesthetic benefit to the neighborhood, while primarily functioning as a maintainable storm drainage facility. Artwork that can be seen from the highway while not distracting drivers is preferred. Educational aspects may be included in the artwork with themes such as water quality, the history of the surrounding industrial area, the old sugar beet factory, etc. 

The anticipated area for the art installation is located on the edge of the Sunrise Neighborhood between the Cache la Poudre River to the north and 10th Street to the south, bound by 2nd Avenue on the west to Highway 85 to the east (see map with legend).

Designs for all appropriate outdoor mediums, including traditional or landscape architecture and ‘Earthworks’ will be considered. The eventual disintegration of artwork may be acceptable if it is a slow process or works may be created with the intent of being permanent. Final design must be original and must include all details necessary for the fabrication and installation of the actual artwork including stamped engineering plans. The final design submitted by the artist shall be completed by October 2022. Once the final designs are accepted by the Greeley Art Commission and payment is made for the designs, the City will retain all rights of the final designs. Stormwater construction is projected to follow from October 2022 through May 2023 but may be extended if construction delays occur.  

Submission Requirements

Artists must submit applications online through Café at 

1.     Artist Resume - Resume must show 1) previous experience working with project teams, architects, engineers, and managers and 2) show experience with the manufacture and installation of past art designs/materials that will be appropriate for this project and 3) must include 3 references.

2.     A Letter of Intent to include - A description of a suggested design approach and type of materials that might be used in the artist’s anticipated designs if selected, and knowledge of the physical setting of and the history of water in Greeley Colorado.

3.     6 digital images of completed past work - Conceptual drawings will not be reviewed!  

No project proposal is desired at this time. Incomplete or late entries will not be considered.

 Selection Process

One artist or artist team will be selected based on past experience working with design teams, past work that exhibits style and materials appropriate to the project, and a strong letter of intent. The final artist will be selected to work with a design team including architects, engineers, project managers, and community members as well as the Greeley Art Commission. This approach requires good collaborative skills, creativity, flexibility as well as an open mind.

The Selection Committee will consist of at least two members of the Greeley Art Commission, one or more Stormwater and Cultural Affairs staff members, Landscape Designers, and community members. Approval of the design work by the Greeley Art Commission will be based on aesthetic merit, originality and creativity or innovation and appropriateness to the location of the holding pond and the view ability from the raised highway. Artwork must be structurally sound and resistant to vandalism except for the expected degradation process if it is a proposed Earth Work project.

Special consideration will be given to applicants who state in the letter of intent that an educational aspect to water quality in Greeley will be included.

 The artist selected to work with the design team will be notified by December 22, 2021.

Open to all artists and artist groups.