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Painting Long Beach
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Entry Deadline: 2/16/22
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry Fee): $16.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Local
State: California
Event Dates: 4/3/22 - 4/30/22

The Long Beach Creative Group (LBCG) is pleased to announce an open call for Painting Long Beach. The LBCG/Rod Briggs Memorial Gallery provides artists in Long Beach and surrounding communities with a place to exhibit artwork.

Theme: We are asking artists to portray an aspect of Long Beach that is important to them: its world class port; the 169 parks; a population diverse in every way imaginable—age, culture, and identity; the downtown and night life; the beach and the architecture; the social lives of people from all walks of life; the beauty and the underbelly. Long Beach can be depicted realistically or abstractly, through a social lens or an historic lens. These are mere suggestions—artists may have other ways of seeing and representing Long Beach.

Original works of art in the following media are welcome: painting, drawing, printmaking, wall-mount sculpture, sculpture, photographs, and mixed media. Work must have been produced within the last five years.

Jurors:     There will be guest jurors, to be announced later.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 16 at 10PM. We recommend you plan to submit your work at least one week before the deadline. So many little things can happen that require you to save your entry and get more information, retake a photograph, etc.

Maximum size in any direction: 30 inches. If the work is framed, 30 inches includes the frame. This means if you are producing a 2-dimensional artwork that will need to be framed, you should anticipate at least a 2-inch mat, making the largest dimension 26 inches (height or width).

Submissions: There is a $16 non-refundable fee for entry, regardless of whether your work is selected for the show.

Each artist may submit a maximum of 3 works.

All art should be photographed straight on, with a high resolution, and photos should be cropped to the edge of the image to eliminate background—such as the frame, or the surface behind the artwork.

Sales: All work displayed must be for sale and must be reasonably priced. The gallery retains a 30% commission on any work sold during the exhibition. This should be included in the price of the artwork. An easy way to calculate this:

The amount you want for the work divided by .70 = the amount you list as the price.

Drop off: Work must be neatly and professionally presented. This means it is delivered ready to hang, with the proper weight of picture wire and sturdy d-rings. No saw-toothed hangers! Be sure to specify this if you are having the work framed. Paintings on canvas do not need frames, but the edges should be clean. Works on paper are generally framed.  Artists may be asked to provide their own pedestal for three-dimensional work, painted white and clean.

Important Dates:

Deadline to submit work:  February 16.

Notification to artists: March 7.

Work dropped off at the gallery: March 19 and 20.

Opening: Sunday, April 3.

The show runs from April 3 to April 30.

Artists pick up work on April 30 at the end of the show.

Artists who meet one or all of the following criteria qualify to apply.

  • Reside in Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood, or San Pedro.
  • Grew up in Long Beach but no longer resides here.
  • Attend, or graduated from, CSULB or LBCC.