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Colorado State University Pueblo Technology Building - Request for Qualifications
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Entry Deadline: 8/26/22
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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado
Budget: $104,000

Qualifications are requested from artists interested in creating an interior public artwork for the Technology Building at Colorado State University Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado. The budget for this opportunity is $104,000 and the deadline for submission is August 26, 2022.



Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU-Pueblo) is committed to excellence, setting the standard for regional comprehensive universities in teaching, research, and service by providing leadership and access for its region while maintaining its commitment to diversity.

 CSU-Pueblo is a comprehensive state university with an enrollment of about 4,000 students, including nearly 100 international students.  CSU-Pueblo is a Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning at least 25% of the students are Hispanic.  Fully accredited and part of the Colorado State University System, CSU-Pueblo provides relevant professional coursework, superior instruction with a small professor-to-student ratio, and state-of-the-art technology for an ever-changing global economy. Invaluable hands-on experiences prepare CSU-Pueblo graduates for the demands of the modern world. 

CSU-Pueblo's campus of more than 275 acres, crowns the north end of Pueblo, a historically and culturally rich city of more than 100,000 located in the colorful Pikes Peak region of Southern Colorado. Pueblo is situated on the Front Range, within convenient driving distance of both Denver and Colorado Springs. CSU-Pueblo offers twenty-seven undergraduate programs in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, the Hasan School of Business, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the College of Heath, Education, & Nursing. CSU-Pueblo’s Vision 2028 is to establish the institution as the people's university of the Southwest United States by 2028.

 The Technology Building was originally built in 1979 to match the Brutalist Architectural style of other buildings on campus. This renovation project will update the building to make it more open, light, comfortable and innovative. The re-design will allow for flexible, collaborative spaces that showcase the programs within the building. The design goals for the building are utilizing the building as a teaching tool, the display of programs and projects, student collaboration and an indoor/outdoor connection. The goal to create a more open, welcoming facility with academic programs on display inspired the design team to open up the central core of the building as much as possible to provide abundant space for student study, collaboration, and lounge spaces. This wedge-shaped core area is envisioned to become the heart of the building where all the diverse academic programs can intermingle. The building will house to following programs - Automotive Industry Management, Department of Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Management, School of Education, and Transportation (a new program).


BUDGET: $104,000

All costs associated with the public art project including, but not limited to, artist design fee, structural engineering, insurance, materials, fabrication, transportation, installation, building or site modifications, travel to and from the site, per diem expenses, project documentation, contingency to cover unexpected expenses and any other costs related to the project are covered by this budget.



The Selection Committee is looking for an artwork that embraces the design focuses of the Technology Building’s renovation. The interior design aesthetic is intended to visually represent all the programs in the building through the use of materials, colors, and displays. Materials like perforated metal panels, exposed concrete structure, metal ceilings, a prominent staircase penetrating an open to below space, and dimensional graphics all tell a story about the users within. The two concepts for the overall interior design are “inner workings” and “convergence.” These central concepts informed design elements, materials, and spatial configurations.

 The Committee has targeted the building’s redesigned central atrium space as the location for the artwork. This location at the entrance of the building will be a two-story space connecting the first and second floors and between the two wings of the building. This space will serve as the building’s entrance and student lounge area and there will be an open, central stairwell. The artwork could either be ceiling or wall-mounted and the Committee is looking for an artwork that creates an impact for this central space and addressing the building’s themes of “inner workings” and “convergence” in a creative way. The Committee would be excited to see an artwork that was kinetic in nature or one that embraced the programmatic approach of the building through materials or themes.

 The Selection Committee will consider the following:

·        Artistic excellence

·        Scale, material, form, and content

·        Safety of materials

·        Appropriate relationship to the function of the site

·        Resistance to general wear, vandalism, or theft

·        Ease of maintenance, minimal and low-cost maintenance

 Artists from Colorado and the greater Southwest region are encouraged to apply.



The Art Selection Committee will review all complete submittals. A short list of semifinalists will be invited to prepare and present a final proposal in person and be paid an honorarium of $1,000 for in state semifinalists and $1,500 for out of state semifinalists. Final selection(s) will be made from the semifinalists’ proposals. The schedule is as follows:

 Friday, August 26, 2022, 11:59 pm MST - Deadline for receipt of submittal via CaFÉ™ system

September/October 2022– Selection committee meets to select Semifinalists

November 2022 – Artist presentations to the Art Selection Committee

End of 2023 – Scheduled building completion



If you require more information or clarification, please contact Ruth Wilson, Public Art Program Manager, at 303-892-3813 or



A PDF of this RFQ, along with images, can be viewed here.



All applications for this project are being accepted through the online platform, CaFÉ™ ( ). No hard copy or emailed submissions will be accepted. The applicant will be asked to submit digital images of art (see below for more information), a resume, and a brief statement of interest. There is no application fee to apply or to use the CaFÉ™ online application system. Assistance in using the CaFÉ™ system is available during regular business hours by calling 303-629-1166, 1-888-562-7232 or email

 Digital Images. To be considered for this project, the applicant must electronically submit, via the CaFÉ™ system, no less than six (6) and no more than eight (8) digital images of previously completed artworks. Instructions on how to use CaFÉ™ and format images can be found at

 Resume: Submit a current résumé, via CaFÉ™, that outlines professional accomplishments as an artist.

 Statement of Interest: A statement of interest of 250 words or less must be submitted via CaFÉ™. It should briefly outline the interest in the specific opportunity.



All applicants must be legal residents of the United States. The artists or artist teams must have the skills and experience commensurate with the responsibility of successfully completing a major public art installation.  The Program is open to all artists regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, national origin, age, religion, marital status, political opinion or affiliation, or mental or physical handicap. The Art Selection Committee reserves the right to give preference to those artists residing in Colorado and the greater Southwest region.