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The Port of Portland (Port) is requesting statements of qualifications (SOQs) from respondent artists or artist teams capable of contracting with the Port for the Port’s commission of a work of public art in a 1,030’ long subterranean pedestrian tunnel at the Portland International Airport (PDX) in Portland, Oregon. The artwork budget must not exceed $500,000. The deadline for submission of SOQs is May 1, 2012, 11:59 PM, MST. The Port intends to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to up to five (5) respondents whose SOQs indicate to the Port that they are highly qualified for the project. Eligibility: This opportunity is open to professional artist respondents over the age of 18, internationally. Overview: The Port is a regional government directed by a nine-member commission appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Oregon Senate. The Port is responsible for the operation of four marine terminals, four industrial property complexes, and three regional airports (PDX, Hillsboro Airport, and Troutdale Airport). The Port’s mission is to enhance the region’s economy and quality of life by providing efficient cargo and air passenger access to national and global markets. In their poll of business travelers, Condé Nast Traveler magazine named PDX the best U.S. airport four of the last five years. PDX serves approximately 13 million passengers annually on 14 commercial carriers. PDX offers non-stop flights to 45 domestic destinations and four non-stop international flights to Amsterdam, Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan; Calgary, Alberta; and Vancouver, British Columbia. In the spring of 2010, the Port completed construction of its new headquarters offices and long-term parking garage at PDX. The Port’s new offices (205,000 sq ft) comprise the top three floors of this ten-story structure. The remaining seven stories house the public parking structure (1,200,000 sq ft/3,500 parking spaces). The headquarters, designed by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, is a LEED Platinum certified showcase for innovation in water and energy conservation. Incorporating sustainable design throughout, the building features a Living Machine® , two eco-roofs, and a geothermal climate control system. Project Location Details: Two parallel pedestrian tunnels (referred to as the North and South tunnels) currently exist to provide walkways from the Port headquarters building and parking structures to the PDX terminal. Although the Port intends that both tunnels will eventually feature public art, the Port is only considering the North tunnel for artwork development/integration at this time. Both tunnels are accessible year-round, 24 hours per day, and have direct access to the Port headquarters building, the Port’s short and long-term parking structures, and the PDX terminal. Approximately 1.9 million people per year travel through the North tunnel, and approximately 1.3 million people utilize the South tunnel annually. Both tunnels are temperature controlled, carpeted, and feature overhead florescent lighting (see North tunnel photo included with this RFQ). The North tunnel is 1,030’ long, 24’ wide, and its height varies from 8’ 6” to 11’. Public Art Site Goals: The Port’s project goal is to create an holistic, integrated art installation (not a gallery of individual pieces) that makes a strong aesthetic statement along the length of the North tunnel and that extends and complements the peaceful and refreshing atmosphere/experience that PDX passengers have come to appreciate. The artwork must: •Be environmentally site-integrated, durable, safe and vandal resistant •Not impede passenger circulation •Be low-maintenance and not impede the maintenance of existing Port infrastructure (lighting, moving walkways, etc.) •Comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and all other applicable public safety guidelines Budget: The artwork budget must not exceed $500,000, including all costs of design and fabrication. If the artwork selected under the RFP would involve additional installation expenses, the Port may allocate additional funds for installation if the Port determines that doing so is in its best interests. Installation costs will be an evaluation criterion in the RFP (see below under RFP Award Selection Criteria). SOQ Submission Method: Respondents must submit all SOQ materials online, using CaFÉ™. The Port will not accept SOQs submitted through other means. There is no fee for artist registration or entry. Required SOQ Materials: SOQ submissions must include all of the materials listed immediately below. Please note that site-specific proposals will not be accepted in response to this RFQ; site-specific proposals will only be accepted from those respondents that are invited to propose under the RFP which the Port intends to issue after this RSOQ. •Statement of interest and ability: 1000 characters or less (including spaces) describing your interest in this project and how your work would achieve the goals described above under Public Art Site Goals. •Résumé: An outline of your specific professional accomplishments, especially those that are similar in scope, complexity, and magnitude to the project described in this RFQ. •Images: Exactly 10 digital images of your previous artwork, including details. Respondents submitting SOQs as teams are subject to the same limit; each such team member must be represented in the images in some respect, whether alone or in group project images. Refer to Café™ image requirements for photo formatting details. •Image list: A list of the images described immediately above, with project descriptions. •Three professional references: Telephone, e-mail, and organizational contact information for three references you have worked with on large scale, commissioned art projects. Project Timeline: The anticipated project timeline is as follows: SOQs due: May 1, 2012 Identification of Finalists: June 1, 2012 Notice to finalists: Week of June 11, 2012 Issue RFP to finalists: Week of June 18, 2012 Site tours: Week of July 9, 2012 In-person proposal presentations: Week of Oct 8, 2012 Identification of successful proposer: Week of Oct 15, 2012 Notice to successful proposer: Week of Oct 22, 2012 Artwork fabrication and delivery: Nov 2012 - May 2013 (estimated) Artwork installation: Summer 2013 The above timeline is tentative and subject to change at the sole discretion of the Port. Respondents must be prepared to respond promptly and meet multiple deadlines. SOQ Evaluation Selection Committee and Criteria: Respondents will be evaluated by a Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) representing the Port, regional arts and culture organizations, and regional artists, architects and engineers. The PAAC will evaluate the respondents’ SOQ materials based on the criteria set forth below, and will then select up to five finalists. Finalists will be selected from among the respondents based on: •Artistic merit in conceptual approach and technical execution as evidenced by past work •Documented experience with comparable projects (at minimum, respondents must have successfully completed several large-scale, indoor or outdoor public art projects with at least one project having a budget over $100,000). •Demonstrated ability to place art in public settings •Demonstrated ability to complete the work within project timeline and budget •Professional qualifications and references Evaluation Procedures: Competitive Range. The PAAC will determine which respondents are within the competitive range in accordance with the evaluation criteria set forth above. Only those respondents determined to be within the competitive range will be considered further. Evaluation Methods: One or more PAAC members may conduct an initial evaluation of all SOQs received, using the evaluation criteria specified above, and may identify a subset of SOQs as finalists for further evaluation by the PAAC. After such initial evaluation, PAAC members may perform any of their functions individually, or as a group consisting of two or more members. If particular functions are performed by individual PAAC members or by a group consisting of less than the full PAAC, the members performing the functions must report to the other PAAC members with a summary of the information gathered or conclusions reached. The PAAC may select finalists without the participation of all PAAC members, provided that a majority of PAAC members participate. Interviews: Selected respondents may be invited to participate in an interview with the PAAC. Respondents should be prepared to respond to questions related specifically to their SOQs and other pertinent matters with respect to the SOQ. PAAC Members: Greta Blalock, Port Art Program Coordinator; Erin Boberg Doughton, Performing Arts Program Director, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA); Terri Hopkins, Director and Curator, The Art Gym, Marylhurst University; Judi Johansen, Port Commission President; Peggy Kendellen, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Public Art Manager; Tom Manley, President, Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA); Donna Prigmore, Port Customer Relations Manager; Mark Richardson Smith, Artist and arts educator; Scott Sonniksen, Artist and arts educator; Devon Webster, Port Aviation Planner Ad Hoc Members: Michael Croston, Port Business Systems Manager; Craig Johnsen, Port Contracts and Procurement Manager; Tom Peterson, Port Chief Engineer; Eric Smith, Port Assistant General Counsel; Martha Richmond, Port Corporate Marketing and Media Relations Manager; Julie Shibata, Port Buyer IV The Port may modify PAAC membership at any time in its sole discretion. Development of Site-Specific Proposals -- Request for Proposals Issuance of RFP: After the PAAC identifies finalists, the Port intends to issue an RFP directly to the finalists, requesting that each develop site-specific project proposals in accordance with the RFP. The RFP will set forth detailed review criteria and other specific instructions in the Port’s sole discretion, but the Port expects that the RFP will contain substantially the following content: Site Tour. The Port will host a single, mandatory site tour to provide detailed project information to the proposers in person (see below under Travel Expenses). Proposal Submission Requirements. Proposals must include, but are not limited to: •Conceptual drawings of artwork (general intent) •Concept design, proposed form •Indication of scale •Proposed materials •Explanation of preliminary fabrication and installation methods •Estimated costs (delineated by: design; fabrication; delivery; and installation) •Proposed timeline •Intended division of responsibilities (as between the proposer and the Port) •Specific building modifications required •List of preferred subcontractors for design, development, and installation RFP Award Selection Criteria •Artistic excellence •Appropriateness of subject matter for a diverse audience and a public space •Appropriateness of materials for exhibit space •Cost and level of site modifications required to complete installation •Maintenance considerations and complexities •Ability to meet project schedule Awardee’s Responsibilities. The proposer awarded the contract to deliver the project artwork will be responsible for providing the Port with the following information along a timeline that considers project schedules: •Detailed design development (scale model) •Accurate, all-inclusive budget* •Construction documents (professional drawings describing fabrication and installation methods of work; schematic designs; specifications; etc) •Fabrication plan (on/off-site construction, assembly, manufacturing) •Delivery and site installation details •Conservation and maintenance plan •Proposed subcontractor list, if applicable *Budget to include, at minimum: The proposer’s design and consultation fees (including engineering fees) Fabrication costs Transportation/delivery costs from fabrication site to tunnel Installation costs Site (tunnel) modification costs Insurance costs In-Person Proposal Presentations. Proposers will be required to present site-specific project proposals to the RFP evaluation committee in person at Port headquarters. Honoraria Payment. Each proposing team will receive a one time, lump sum $5,000 honorarium payment upon the later of the successful submission of a responsive proposal and completion of the in-person proposal presentation. Travel Expense Reimbursement. For out-of-town proposers, the Port will reimburse each proposing team as follows for reasonable, actual transportation (including airfare), lodging, and meal expenses incurred in attending the referenced mandatory on-site, in-person activity: Site Tour: Up to $2,500 Proposal Presentation: Up to $2,500 Not-to-exceed total: $5,000 All transportation and lodging arrangements must be made, and all requested reimbursements will be subject to, the Port’s then-current Consultant Travel and Expense Guidelines (to be included with the RFP). Proposers must successfully submit a responsive proposal to be eligible for travel expense reimbursement; the Port will not be required to reimburse a proposer’s site tour travel expenses if that proposer does not also submit a responsive proposal. Contract Requirements. The successful proposer under the RFP will be required to enter into a personal services contract with the Port for the commission of a public artwork, and to interact with the Port and its representatives throughout the duration of the project. The RFP will contain a sample contract for this purpose, but appropriate contract terms may vary depending on the nature of the proposed installation, degree of modification to the existing tunnel structure, and other factors. The Port will work directly with, or may assign a general contractor to work with, the successful proposer on modifications that may be needed to the tunnel structure to accommodate the artwork. Issuing a contract as a result of the RFP is at the sole discretion of the Port; if no satisfactory proposal is identified through the RFP, the Port may choose to extend, delay, or terminate the RFP. Miscellaneous Influencing the RFQ Process: Respondents (or their agents) are instructed not to contact PAAC members, Port employees, Port commissioners, or the agents, licensees, successors, or assignees thereof for the purpose of influencing the result of this RFQ, or externally manipulating or influencing this project procurement process in any way, other than through the instructions contained in this RFQ, from the date of the release of this RFQ to the date of execution of the public artwork contract resulting from the intended RFP. The Port, in its sole discretion, may disqualify respondents that are in violation of this paragraph. Contact Information: Questions regarding the project described in this RFQ should be directed to Julie Shibata, Port Buyer/Purchasing Agent, Technical questions about the CaFÉ website should be directed to CaFÉ. No Obligation to Award: The issuance of this RFQ, and the receipt and evaluation of SOQs, does not obligate the Port to issue the RFP described herein or to award a contract. The Port may cancel this project procurement without liability at any time prior to the Port’s execution of a contract. RFQ Changes: The Port may change this RFQ at any time in its sole discretion. Changes will be made by written addendum, which will be issued using Café™. Public Disclosure of SOQs: SOQs will be subject to public disclosure upon request pursuant to Oregon’s Public Records Law (ORS 192.410 to 192.505). Information that respondents believe to be exempt from disclosure under Oregon’s Public Records Law should be plainly marked and separated from the remainder of the SOQ. The Port will make any final determination necessary about whether any portion of an SOQ is exempt from disclosure. Protests: A respondent or prospective respondent who wishes to object to or protest any aspect of this RFQ must deliver a written protest to the Manager of Contracts and Procurement, 7200 N.E. Airport Way, 8th Floor, Portland, OR 97218; mailing address, PO Box 3529, Portland, OR 97208; or Facsimile (503) 548-5812. If the protest relates to matters that are apparent on the face of the RFQ or that are otherwise known or should have been known to the protester, the protest must be delivered no later than five (5) business days prior to the deadline for the Port’s receipt of SOQs. If the protest relates to the PAAC’s selection of finalists it must be delivered as soon as possible, and in no event later than five (5) business days, after the protester knows or reasonably should have known of the PAAC’s selection of finalists. A protest is delivered, for purposes of this paragraph, when it is actually received by the Port’s Contracts and Procurement manager. Protests will be deemed to include only documents timely delivered pursuant to this paragraph. Protests must clearly state all of the grounds for the protest and must include all arguments and evidence in support of the protest. Testimonial evidence may be submitted by affidavit. The Port may investigate, as it deems appropriate, in reviewing the protest, and will issue a written protest response. The Port may proceed with issuance of the intended RFP while the protest is pending. The Port may decline to review a late protest.

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