Call Detail
2022 Louisville Art Association National Fine Art Show

Entry Deadline: 7/18/22
Application Closed

Entry Fee (2022 Louisville Art Association National Fine Art Show): $40.00
Media Fee(2022 Louisville Art Association National Fine Art Show): $10.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 6
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
State: Colorado

The 2022 National Fine Arts Show and Sale takes place in Louisville, Colorado, a beautiful historic city on Colorado’s Front Range. The venue is the Louisville Center for the Arts, an elegant, late 19th century, red brick schoolhouse.  
Historic Downtown Louisville offers an array of art galleries, related shops, businesses, restaurants and cafes. The Show runs from 9/02/2022 through 9/11/2022, in conjunction with the three-day Louisville Labor Day week-end event. *LAA website has specific gallery hours and days 

We are honored to have Eriq Hochuli, Curator for the Foothills Art Center as the judge/juror for this show.  Eriq has been working in art exhibitions and education at the Foothills Art Center since 2013. As a curator, he works closely with artists to design and build shows that are ambitious, beautiful and challenging to the audience. He specializes in exhibitions with large human subjects that affect his community and spark conversation in the gallery. Eriq loves to push the boundaries of what defines art and what can be done with media. As Foothills Art Center's "one-man exhibitions department" he curates and installs 10-12 exhibitions per year and has an intimate knowledge of what makes for a beautiful installation. He is also the organizer of FAC's famed Holiday Art Market which connects his community with original creations from 100 local artists each holiday season. "I do not believe the definition of the term "art" is a relevant conversation, but it is the qualities of individual work that can be accessed and appreciated when making a selection for a show. I love to see artists who push themselves, their media, and their subject matter to represent something entirely their own on the wall."

PLEASE READ ENTIRE PROSPECTUS and Terms of Submission to be sure you meet all requirements for entry and participation in the show. 

ENTER THROUGH CALLFORENTRY.ORG or use the QR Code on the LAA website and show posters to be taken directly to the CaFE page. There are easy to follow instructions to make an artist profile if you do not already have one. The submission process and uploading of images is simple.
A non-refundable $40.00 entry fee for the 1st three images and $10.00 for each additional image up to 6 total images is paid through CaFE.

FOR QUESTIONS, CONTACT or Louisville Art Association • PO Box 852 • Louisville, CO 80027 

Sponsored by the Louisville Art Association, in conjunction with the City of Louisville, the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), and Bolder Insurance. 

Best of Show/First Place Award………… $600
2nd Place Award ………………………… $400
3rd Place Award …………………………. $250
10 Artistic Achievement Awards ..……… $100 
Judge’s Choice Award…….…………..… $200 
Above awards are selected by the Judge 
1 Peoples’ Choice Award ……………….. $200 

Application Requirements


1. Artists must be 18 years or older. 
2. Artists of all mediums and genres are encouraged to apply, with the exception of:
          a. No installation art.
          b. No videos.
          c. No photography or manipulated photography. 
3. Applications must be completed online through CaFE’.
4. No copies, kits, giclee reproductions, or work done under the supervision of an instructor.

1. Not previously have been shown in a LAA National Fine Art Show.  
2. Be original in both concept and execution.
3. Be created in the last two years.
4. Be appropriate for general audiences and general public venues (no frontal nudity).
5. Be ready to hang if 2D using wire and hardware that will support its weight.   
       a. No glass please in framed art if being shipped (use clear acrylic).
       b. Hand delivered framed artwork may have glass.
6. Meet Size limitation:  2D pieces may not exceed 48” on any side INCLUDING FRAME and cannot weigh over 70 lbs.  3D sculptures cannot exceed 36 inches in any one dimension and cannot weigh over 70 lbs. 
7. Fit into one of these categories: 
       a. Oil (Cold Wax with Oil is mixed media)
       b. Acrylic, 
       c. Watercolor, 
       d. Pastels, 
       e. Sculpture, 
       f.  Fiber,
       g. Mixed Media, 
       h. Digital Painting (using a software program to paint/draw freehand on a monitor screen then print -NOT a photograph), 
       i. Drawing,
       j. Printmaking (lithography, silkscreen, etching, wood/linocuts, NO photographs).   Definition of Artists Printmaking: Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a matrix onto another surface, most often paper or fabric. Traditional printmaking techniques include wood-cut/linocut, etching, engraving, lithography, and screen-printing. Monoprints are also in this cate-gory. What is NOT in this category: photographic prints, Giclee, or other prints made from an original piece via scanning or other digitizing process. Link to articles on printmaking:,


1. Entry fee is $40.00, nonrefundable, for up to three entries. Each additional entry is $10.00, up to a total of six entered pieces. Entries can be in multiple categories.

2. Your email address will be our primary contact source.  Note: Add to contacts so notification letters and communication does not go to your spam folder.  

3. Only works selected by the juror will be displayed and eligible for awards from the show.

4. TIP: If not photographed professionally, when photographing your work for submission, be sure you submit only your images and not the frame and/or mat, or background. If possible, put your painting on a bright light, neutral wall, and put your camera (or phone) on a tripod to take the photo. Having the best possible photograph of your work makes it much more likely that you will be juried in. Search online for more information (videos and articles) on taking better photos of your work.

5. PRICING ALERT: Please set the price for your work carefully. The price you assign to your artwork in CaFE’ online entry process will be the price printed on the art title card for the exhibition and cannot be changed once your piece has been submitted.  Be sure to consider the commission, any shipping costs, and framing costs when determining prices. Artwork can be submitted as 0 cost if NFS. Closely proofread your entry details. If in doubt, price your work higher. If accepted into the show, artists are responsible for shipping and returning costs. Shipping services such as FedEx and UPS have online tools for estimating shipping costs.

6. If artwork is sold, artists will receive payment via a USPS mailed check within 14 days after closure of the show. LAA takes 25% commission of all sales generated through the show - including bin work.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR INVITED ARTISTS - Please read these instructions and important dates sections completely.

1. Artists must provide the actual artwork that was accepted for the show. Only the piece that was accepted into the show will be hung. Substitutions of similar pieces are not allowed. Failure to provide your piece(s) will result in a 2-year ban from entering this show.

2. All selected artists may display up to 5 pieces of 2D bin work and/or 6 packs of cards for sale. Framed artwork and 3D pieces of art are not allowed as bin work. Artists need to notify LAA if they will have bin work when they accepted into the show. BINS ARE SUPPLIED BY LAA. PLEASE DON’T BRING YOUR OWN BINS.

3. ALL ACCEPTED WORK AND BIN WORK must be clearly and securely labeled on the back lower right corner with the artist’s name, item name, and price.  

4. Inventory Sheets:

       a. Artists that are shipping art will be emailed a form with accepted piece(s) to review for accuracy. Additionally, a blank inventory sheet for bin work will be emailed to be included with the shipped art and bin work (if any). The inventory sheet can also be downloaded from the LAA Website (

       b. Artists that are hand delivering art will be asked to review and initial a completed inventory sheet when invited art is delivered. If artist has bin work a completed inventory sheet for up to 5 pieces of 2D bin work and/or 6 packs of cards for sale will be required at time of drop-off of artwork. The inventory sheet is available to be downloaded from the LAA Website

5. Accepted artists are requested to email a brief biography to  The bio should be 170 words or less, around one page, highlighting your art  journey, achievements, creative process, a simple artist statement, or anything you would like visitors to know about you and your art This information will be posted in a display notebook for visitors to peruse. Please put your name in bold at the top of your biography.

All exhibited artwork is preferred to be for sale but can be designated as NFS by entering 0 price when submitted. All exhibited artwork must be present for the duration of the show. Sales of invited art pieces and bin work will be handled through the Louisville Art Association, who will retain a 25% commission on all sales resulting from the exhibition.  Sales will be paid by LAA checks mailed to the artist after the close of the NFAS (allow 14 days).

• All 2D Pieces must be framed or gallery wrapped with picture wire attached, ready to hang and not weigh more than 70 pounds. NO sawtooth hangers, NO frameless glass framing. Use acrylic instead of glass if shipping. Pieces without hangers will not be hung.

• Unframed canvases must be gallery wrapped with painted (finished) wrapped edges, no visible staples/tacks, and be properly wired for hanging. The canvas stretchers must be a minimum of 1.5” thick, if less than 1.5” then a frame is required. Any canvas with staples/tacks showing on side edges must be framed. Any canvas with exposed unpainted canvas or staples/nails showing on edges will be rejected. No sawtooth hangers.

• No pieces exceeding 48” INCLUDING frame on any side will be accepted. The size limit includes Diptychs or Triptychs, measured as a unit.

• All sculptures and other three-dimensional work must be properly and securely mounted and ready for display. 3D art should not be more than 36 inches in any one dimension and weigh no more than 70 pounds. Three dimensional pieces cannot be attached to floor or suspended from ceiling. No screws, molly bolts, lag bolts, or other anchors will be allowed. No installation pieces. 

1. In person delivery of artwork accepted into show is on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, 5pm – 7pm, at 801 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO 80027. Early drop offs are not allowed at the venue, other arrangements can be made on an individual bases.
2. All art must be securely labeled on the back lower right corner (or bottom of sculptures) with title, artist’s name, and price.
3. LAA will provide an inventory sheet with artist’s information and a list of accepted artwork to be reviewed for accuracy and initialed. Artists will need to provide a completed bin work inventory form (if any) at time of drop off. Also, an artist’s bio if not emailed prior to drop-off.

1. Shipped artwork must be received during the delivery window: August 22 – 26, 2022.
2. Artists are responsible for shipping and returning costs.
3. Shipped artwork can be shipped using UPS, FedEx, or USPS, but return shipping can only be via UPS or FedEx. Prepaid return labels cannot be for USPS shipping for logistical reasons.
4. Shipped Artwork must be packed in strong, reusable cartons or crates with no free-floating styrofoam or popcorn/peanut packing. Packing material must be reusable to facilitate return shipping.

1. Prepaid Return Shipping Label from FedEx or UPS addressed to the artist.

2. Artist bio (if not emailed prior).

3. LAA bin inventory sheet if including up to 5 pieces of bin work (blank form is emailed to artists to complete or is available to download on the LAA website).

4. All art must be securely labeled on the back lower right corner (or bottom of sculptures) with title, artist’s name, and price. 

               LAA National Fine Art Show, C/O Bolder Insurance 
                  800 Jefferson Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027

Do not ship to the Louisville Art Association PO Box or to the exhibition venue. We do not receive mail at the venue. Anything shipped to that address, it will be left outside of building and unattended. Ship artwork to LAA NFAS, Bolder Insurance, 800 Jefferson Ave, Louisville, CO 80027 so that your work is safe and supervised. 

5. Unsold shipped artwork will be shipped back to the artist following the closing date of the exhibition with artist prepaid shipping label. Louisville Art Association is not responsible for return of art if shipping label is not prepaid. 

6. Hand-delivered artwork must be picked up on the show’s closing date, Sunday, September 11, 2022 be-tween 5:00pm and 7:00pm. NO EARLY PICK-UPS ARE ALLOWED. In the event an artist is unable to pick up or have another person pick up unsold work, arrangements must be made in advance for an alternative pickup by emailing

• There is no storage available for artwork not picked up. Abandoned art may be donated after 2 failed attempts to contact the artist.

Monday, July 18, 2022                       Entry deadline is midnight US Mountain Time for submissions.

Monday, July 25, 2022                       All accepted entries notified via   email by end of day.  *Artists are requested to confirm they will  participate ASAP and state if shipping  or hand delivering. 

Monday, Aug. 22-Aug. 26, 2022      Timeframe for shipped artwork to     arrive at Bolder Insurance. Deadline for arrival of (accepted) shipped artwork is Friday Aug 26, 2022. Ship to: LAA Fine Art Show C/O Bolder Insurance 800 Jefferson Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027. 

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022                    In person deliveries accepted 5pm–7pm at 801 Grant Ave,  Louisville, CO 80027.

Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022                   Awards Reception: 6:00pm– 9:00pm. 
                                                         Awards Ceremony: 7:00 PM. Participating artists and public invited.                                                       

Monday, Sept. 5, 2022                    Labor Day: OPEN GALLERY 10:00am  – 4:00pm.                                                                                     

Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022                   Pick-up of hand-delivered exhibited artwork from 5:00pm –7:00pm.                                                         NOTE: No early pickup. There is no storage for artwork after the show. In the event an artist will not be able to pick up or have another person pick up their artwork, arrangements must be made in advance for an alternative pickup by emailing   

Mon, Sept 12, 2022                       Unsold artwork will be shipped back to artists using artist’s prepaid return label. US Postal Service (USPS) can be used to ship art to the show but does not offer prepaid return labels. FedEx and UPS offer shipping and prepaid return labels.  If using USPS to ship to Louisville, you have to include a FedEx or UPS prepaid return label.                                                                      

*LAA will be following any city Covid related restrictions in place.        

Eligibility Criteria

FOR QUESTIONS OR HELP email: Find us online:,, or Instagram louisvilleartassociation