Call Detail
The Avenue Concept: Call for Public Art Sculpture 2022
Entry Deadline: 2/16/22
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 5
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Rhode Island

The Avenue Concept invites submissions of dynamic outdoor sculptures for display in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Captivate the imagination of a City with the exhibition of your work. The public has rediscovered the importance of artwork in our shared outdoor environment in recent years. It is a reason to venture out, a moment of inspiration, a vibrant addition to daily life in the city.

Artworks that have layers of understanding, meaning, storytelling or ways of being appreciated will resonate the most in this opportunity. 

Our 5 sculpture sites connect downtown spaces and contribute to Providence’s growing reputation as a vibrant public art city. 

We are living through exceptional times, and now more than ever, public art has a role to play in our community. The goals for our Sculpture Program this year are to exhibit dynamic works by emerging, and established artists that captivates viewers and sparks the imaginations of art lovers as well as people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as art patrons but encounter public art in their daily lives. 

Due to the high visibility of the artwork, many pieces from previous years have been placed in other exhibitions after leaving Providence and some have sold. Thousands of viewers see the artwork daily.

The Avenue Concept provides high quality documentation of all artworks it displays and may produce video interviews with participating artists. Artwork selected for display is also included in the Avenue Concept’s digital archive and featured in the Avenue Concept walking tour app.   

In response to the difficult years we have all faced, the Avenue Concept has made some changes to this year’s Call for Sculpture. One year artwork lease payments have increased from $1,500 to $2,000. We have eliminated application fees. And we will have an option for some of the artworks to extend their lease term with additional payment to the artist.


What we are looking for:

This is not a request for a proposal of work. We are looking for contemporary sculpture that already exists, to lease for a year with the possibility of extending the lease agreement. 

Larger artworks are encouraged to apply (in the 14’ to 25’+ height range), as well as human scale pieces (5’ to 14’). 

There are 5 total sites that artworks will be considered for: 3 large scale artwork sites, 2 smaller scale. Regardless of the scale, artworks should be captivating to a variety of viewers.

Sculptors in many media and styles are welcome to apply, provided their artwork fits the eligibility requirements listed below. 

Artwork should have a footprint and anchor pattern that fits within a 6’ x 6’ square. Larger footprints can be considered, but artist must have comprehensive anchor and securing plan. It is preferred if artworks can be anchored within 6' x 6' square.



This Opportunity is open to all emerging and established sculpture artists within 200 miles of Providence RI. BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ artists are encouraged to apply.

That radius includes: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and portions of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and New York, including New York City.



Artwork must be fully completed at the time of application and installation ready. Sketches and proposals will not be considered.

“Installation ready” means artwork should require no further labor for installation for things like cleaning of surfaces, patina work or paint touch up, or additional fabricated elements. Additional fees if needed may be incurred.

Artist and artwork must be located within 200 miles of Providence, Rhode Island. Driving distance, not absolute distance. 

Artwork appearance should match application images provided.

Artwork must be built in a durable, stable fashion, able to withstand 4 seasons of outdoor display in New England. That includes extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, high winds, rain, hail and snow. Changes to patina, paint or finish of artwork because of outdoor display in an urban environment are the artist's responsibility.

Artwork will be installed in close proximity to the viewing public, for that reason it must not pose hazards to viewers.

Artwork must have anchor points within a 6’ x 6’  footprint. We have one site that can accommodate a footprint larger than 6’ x 6’. If your artwork is too large, please indicate footprint size and anchoring plan.

Artist is responsible for any crating, or skid building required for transportation.

Artwork must be able to be transported and artist must have a clear understanding of the transportation needs of artwork.

Artist is responsible for loading artwork on the Avenue Concept trailer, or truck.

Clearly identify any maintenance needs to be expected during a year long outdoor display of artwork and provide any necessary materials (touch up paint, wax, etc.).


Important dates:

Entries must be submitted by  February 15, 2022.

Artwork selection notifications will be made by:  Early March 2022

Artwork pickup and installation will be specific to each selection, but all will occur between  spring and early summer of 2022.

To learn more about the distinguished Jury selecting artworks this year, visit our website to read their bios



Lease of artwork for up to 1 year with possibility of extension.

Artists whose work is displayed will receive a lease payment of  $2000.00.

The Avenue Concept will transport artwork or coordinate transportation to Providence, RI. Artwork must be within 200 miles of Providence RI.

The Avenue Concept will install artwork. Large cranes are available. The Avenue Concept will fabricate any match plates for installation purposes. 

The Avenue Concept will carry liability insurance for transportation, installation and removal of artwork. Artist is responsible for any additional insurance.

After exhibition, the Avenue Concept will remove sculpture and transport artwork back to artist’s studio or location it was picked up from.


Sculptures selected for exhibition will be located on one of several prominent sculpture pad sites throughout Downtown Providence.

Daily foot traffic will include thousands of people visiting Providence for cultural events, business, leisure, festivals, restaurants, retail establishments.

Artworks will have informational plaques installed in proximity to them that will have a brief description of the artwork and artist. The plaques also contain QR codes that viewers can scan to access other media related to the artwork.

The Avenue Concept prides itself on utilizing top quality documentation of the artwork on display, including professional photography of the work.

Promotion through the Avenue Concept’s website and social media accounts.

Artwork will be included in the Avenue Concept self guided tour app.

Artwork will be added to the Avenue Concept’s digital archive.

Sculpture will be included in art map of Providence and will be part of walking tours.

Artist has the option to participate in an engagement event, such as an artist talk, panel discussion, demonstration, performance or other depending on event schedule and artist’s availability/ interest. 

                  Approximate total value of these benefits:  $7,000.00

Opportunity for sale of work:

Unless otherwise indicated by artist, all artwork on display is available for purchase.

The Avenue Concept requires 30% commission of sale. Artist receives 70% of sale.

The Avenue Concept will negotiate any sales agreements.

Any artwork sold must remain on display for the duration of lease agreement and will not be taken down early.

Sale agreement terms are effective for 1 year after artwork is removed from display, end of lease agreement.


IMPORTANT: This application represents ONE artwork, with 3 to 5 images of the artwork.


Application Requirements

To apply you will need:

  • Artist’s Bio.
  • Artist Statement.
  • Artwork title, dimensions and approximate weight.
  • Narrative Description of Sculpture.
  • Artist’s website and social media information if available.
  • 3 to 5 images of artwork.
  • Address of artist’s studio.
  • Transportation needs and safe handling instructions for artwork.


Eligibility Criteria

This Opportunity is open to all emerging and established sculpture artists within 200 miles of Providence RI. BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ artists are encouraged to apply.

Eligible states include: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and portions of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New York - including New York City.