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11th Art 2C on Havana Street Temporary Sculpture Exhibition 2022-2024

14949 E. Alameda Parkway Aurora, CO 80012

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Colorado
Entry Deadline: 4/17/22
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5
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11th Biennial Art 2C On Havana Street 2022-2024
The City of Aurora Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) and the Havana Business Improvement District (Havana BID) are looking for outdoor sculpture to be considered for an exhibition on Havana Street in Aurora, CO, for two years. The exhibit is scheduled to open in October 2022. Selected artists should anticipate installing their artwork in the first week of October 2022 and de-installing it in mid-September 2024.

  • This is a regional call for artists residing in the following states: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska.
  • Sculpture must be exhibited for the full length of the exhibit, which is approximately two years.
  • Sculpture must be ready for exhibition.
  • Sculpture must fulfill the design and selection criteria listed in this call.

Design and Selection Criteria

  • Quality of workmanship.
  • Three-dimensional, freestanding sculpture of any medium suitable for outdoor exhibition.
  • Artwork must be made from a material appropriate for outdoor exhibition. It must be able to withstand the changing weather conditions of Colorado. These include high summer temperatures (above 100F), low winter temperatures (below 0F), temperatures that can vary more than 40 degrees in a few hours, high winds, hail and significant snowfall.
  • Size: minimum 4’ and maximum 14’ in height
  • Weight: minimum 100 lbs. and maximum 4,000 lbs. in weight
  • Artwork should not contain sharp objects or edges.
  • Artwork must be durable, require little to no maintenance, be graffiti resistant, and be prepared for installation.

Installation Criteria

  • Selected artists should expect to install their artwork by the first week of October 2022.
  • Artists must transport, install, and de-install their own artwork. (Assistance and equipment can be provided if requested at the time of acceptance.)
  • All sculptures must be attached to a steel plate that will be bolted to a concrete base. Alternative methods must be approved by AIPP and Havana BID staff at the time of acceptance.

AIPP staff, or their representative, must be present when the artwork is installed and de-installed (removed) from the site.

  • Selected artists must submit a detailed installation plan for their artwork which must include:
    • Title of artwork
    • Artist name and contact information for day of installation
    • Dimensions of artwork
    • Weight of artwork
    • Dimensions of connecting plate
    • Type and size of bolt required to connect to concrete base
    • Equipment required for installation (e.g. crane, drill, hammer)
    • Number of people required to install the artwork

Artist Stipends, Cash Awards, and Sculpture Purchase
Exhibiting artists will be paid a $2,500 stipend for the transportation, installation, and de-installation of their artwork.

The Havana BID is providing funds for cash awards in the following amounts:
1st Place: $1,250
2nd Place: $750
3rd Place: $500

Sculptures may be purchased from the Art 2C On Havana Street exhibit and will be advertised as such. Aurora AIPP may purchase sculpture from the exhibit to be added to the City’s public art collection.

About Art 2C On Havana Street and Aurora Art in Public Places
On Havana Street and the City of Aurora’s Art in Public Places program are proud to partner to bring the Eleventh Biennial Art 2C On Havana Street. This highly successful and anticipated exhibition brings twelve temporary sculptures to the business district where they remain for two years. The exhibition provides residents and visitors with a unique way to experience the Business District. Public art such as this boosts real estate values and creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive while also providing sculptors with opportunities to share their work, gain recognition for the quality of their work, and compete for cash awards.

The City of Aurora Art in Public Places program has made it possible for locally and nationally renowned artists to enhance the city’s public spaces with works of art ranging from indoor wall hangings to monumental outdoor sculptures, and architecturally integrated works. The collection includes about 300 pieces valued at approximately $4 million, creating cultural landmarks that serve as a cornerstone of the city’s identity.

The Art in Public Places program is governed by a nine-member, Aurora City Council-appointed commission. The mission of the Art in Public Places Commission is to capture the pulse of the community by contributing to neighborhood development and economic vitality, and by engaging the many voices of Aurora through art and culture.

How to Apply

Submittals are due no later than SUNDAY, April 17, 2022 AT 11:59 P.M. (Mountain Time)
Applications will be taken through CAFÉ only. No hard copies will be accepted. Visit, prepare and upload images, and apply to the Art 2C On Havana Street 2022 call for entries. This is a free service for artists.

For questions regarding image preparation or technical questions related to your application, please e-mail

For more information about Art 2C On Havana Street, visit: or

Submission Details
DUE: SUNDAY, April 17, 2022 AT 11:59 P.M. (Mountain Time)

You may submit up to five (5) sculptures to be considered. You may only submit one (1) sculpture per application. Each application must have two (2) images, the front, and back of the sculpture. Maximum five (5) applications. Artists are required to submit the following as part of their application:

  • Professional resume: Limit the resume to two (2) pages and include your address, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Artist’s Statement: A one-page document detailing your approach to art, and a brief (no more than 5 sentences) description of the artwork in your application.
  • Digital Images: Two (2) images of each sculpture submitted, one from the front and one from the back.

For questions regarding this call, contact:
Chelsea Minter-Brindley, Public Art Assistant 

Please complete this anonymous voluntary identification survey:

Voluntary Identification Survey

Information is anonymous and will not be used in any way to discriminate against you because of your sex, race, age, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, disability or military status, gender identity as defined by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the Equal Opportunity Commission.

The mission of the Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) is to capture the pulse of the community by contributing to neighborhood development and economic vitality, and by engaging the many voices of Aurora through art and culture.


DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSIVITY STATEMENT (EDI) Facilitate art that reflects the city’s diversity in culture, history, beliefs, heritage, race, age, ethnicity and gender.


•Implement the AIPP EDI Statement; review and update as necessary.

•Promote and encourage equity, diversity, and inclusivity in community panel members, artists, commissioners, and types of art.

Legal Agreement: The Art 2C On Havana Street Selection Panel and the City of Aurora Art in Public Places Commission reserve the right to reject any or all applications, proposals, applicants, or projects, and to modify or terminate the application process or the selection process for any reason and without prior notice. The City of Aurora shall provide insurance during the exhibition. The City of Aurora shall not be liable for any loss incurred due to the failure of the connection between the steel plate and the artwork. Submission of entry constitutes agreement of conditions set forth. A lease agreement for exhibiting artwork will be executed after notification of acceptance has been made.

City of Aurora Notice of Non-Discrimination: It is the policy of the city of Aurora (the city) that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any operation of the city.

Equal Employment Opportunity: The city of Aurora is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. No applicant for employment or employee shall be discriminated against because of age, race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability or military status. The city shall develop and maintain a plan for diversity. Through its staff, the city shall periodically analyze its employment-related practices and its plan for diversity to ensure compliance with this policy. The city’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) is available for review by contacting the Employee Relations Office in Human Resources at 303.739.7225.

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