Call Detail
RFQ for Nashville International Airport IAF Mural
Entry Deadline: 8/31/22
Days remaining to deadline: 22
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 7, Maximum:Max. 7
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 7, Maximum:Max. 7
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Local
State: Tennessee
Budget: $60,060

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and Arts at the Airport (AaA) invite artists/teams living in Tennessee to submit qualifications for the design and installation of three indoor murals located adjacent to one another in the International Arrivals Facility (IAF) at Nashville International Airport (BNA®). The artwork will be accessible to ticketed passengers arriving on international flights. The art budget is $60,060 ($55 per square foot). The deadline for submission using (CaFÉ™) is August 31, 2022. Project installation occurs in September 2023.  

Project Background
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority is currently implementing a significant Terminal renewal program, “BNA Vision.” A new International Arrival Facility (IAF) is included under this initiative.

The art mural wall will be experienced by all international passengers that are arriving in Nashville. These arriving passengers are transitioning from an aircraft on Level 3, down two primary escalators to the Level 1 International Arrivals Facility (IAF). These escalators enter a two-story volume that has a 28 foot ceiling. The west wall will have the mural centered on three structural bays between these two escalators to the north and south. High on this west wall, just above the mural, are clerestory windows that bring light into the IAF. At the base of these escalators is a queue space for the entry kiosks with bag claim devices just further to the east. The mural wall is visible from the main baggage claims, the circulation, and that queue space for the kiosks. The primary processing queue is nearby and will not have a full view of this mural wall. Above the primary queue is another featured graphic wall showing an image of downtown Nashville.  

The Mural Zone 
The mural zone has three separate areas that are divided by columns but are all located adjacent to one another on one wall. Area #1 is 13 feet 8 inches high by 24 feet 2 inches wide. Area #2 is 13 feet 8 inches high by 29 feet 2 inches wide. Area #3 is 13 feet 8 inches high by 25 feet 3 inches wide. The total square footage of all three spaces is 1,092 square feet. See BNA Artwork FIS Locations for construction drawings and measurements.  

Interior Finishes 
The IAF finishes are as follows: 1) The Ceiling – linear metal panels with a wood veneer to match the Concourse D ceiling. 2) The Flooring – white terrazzo with grey ribbons that flow through the queue and bag claim devices.  3) The Walls – beige earth tone, large-format porcelain wall tile is applied adjacent to and below the art mural.

Current design accounts for general lighting of the space. Specific lighting will be selected after artwork is selected. Lighting is responsibility of BNA.

Art Goals
AaA/BNA are seeking artists with the qualifications to create an original and engaging design concept that can serve as a tool to strengthen the narrative about BNA, the city of Nashville, aviation and travel.

The primary goals of the project are:

·       To welcome travelers to Nashville and to inspire the viewer through excellent design and craftsmanship.

·       To create a visually stimulating experience using color and design; a moment of distraction as passengers wait to clear Customs.

·       To inspire passengers by highlighting Nashville International Airport, the city of Nashville and the local community’s assets and creative potential.

·       To use suggested topics in the mural, including Nashville International Airport, the city of Nashville, aviation and travel (suggested; not required).

·        To enhance the existing Arts at the Airport public art collection.

The mural is expected to be in place for three to five years, but AaA reserves the right to remove the mural at any time.

Project Budget
The project budget is $60,060. The budget fully includes artists’ design fees, travel costs, permits, insurance, taxes, fabrication, materials, transportation, and installation of the artwork on site. This budget also includes any additional site prep and clearcoat when finished. Additional lighting is the responsibility of BNA.

Selection Criteria Process 
The awarded artist/team will be chosen by the Arts at the Airport Selection Committee and the MNAA Board of Directors based on their final design proposal.

The Arts at the Airport Selection Committee, consisting of Arts at the Airport Board of Directors, staff, and professional artists from the community will evaluate the artist’s/team’s qualifications, letter of interest and artist’s/team’s past work with the goal of selecting three to five finalists. Specific proposals are not requested and will not be reviewed at this time.

Finalists will receive $2,500 to develop a detailed proposal of an original mural design for the IAF. Of the $2,500, 50 percent will be paid upon selection and 50 percent following delivery of the proposal and on-site interview.

There will be two site visits for each finalist, all expenses paid by the Airport. The first site visit will be scheduled for the artist/teams to come to Nashville International Airport, meet the Arts at the Airport team, tour the Airport and develop a sense of the culture that BNA strives to express through its art collections. The second visit will be scheduled several weeks later for the artist/teams to come back and present their proposal to the Arts at the Airport Selection Committee.

Applications will be selected based on the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality, creativity, and strength of work submitted.
  • Appropriateness of previous work to the scope of this project.
  • Professional qualifications and experience in their medium.

 The panel will review artist’s/team’s materials using the online CaFÉ portal.

August 31, 2022: Deadline for Qualifications submitted via CaFÉ.

September 26, 2022: Finalists selected and notified. The $2,500 design fee awarded, 50% payable now.

October 2022: First site visits scheduled. Come get to know us! All expenses will be paid by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority.

December 6, 2022: Second site visit scheduled. Final presentation by each artist/team to the selection panel. All expenses will be paid.

December 13, 2022: Finalists will be notified.

Note: Prior to MNAA Board approval and execution of the contract, artist must secure all required licenses.

February 2023: Final design and award of contract per MNAA Board approval.

August/September 2023: Installation of artwork begins.

September 25, 2023: Project is complete.


Required Application Materials

  • Current resumé
  • Letter of Interest
    1. Contact info for all artists/design team members
    2. Artist interest in project and previous experience
    3. Artist philosophy on public art and integration into surrounding environment
  • Images minimum: (7) with descriptions – completed mural projects. Images maximum: (7) with descriptions – completed mural projects.
  • References (3)

Please provide the names, addresses, current telephone numbers and email addresses for three professionals to reference your past work and qualifications.

·       Submit application by August 31, 2022, on CaFÉ 

Questions?  Contact Mary Grissim, Curator,

This call is open to artists/teams living in Tennessee. Applicants must have successfully completed at least three mural art commissions (public or private) within the past five years. Artists need to provide evidence of prior work experience with similar scale public art projects and documentation in their resume, photographs, and references. Artists must meet the above criteria to apply. Current Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority employees, commissioners and Arts at the Airport Board members may not apply.