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Interactive “Upside-Down House” Sculpture
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Entry Deadline: 6/12/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 3, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Budget: 145,000 (plus stipend for shortlisted artists). The budget includes all costs, e.g., research, community and agency meeting cost, design, materials, permitting of the sculpture, fabrication, installation, photography, insurance, proposals, travel, sales taxes, lighting design for the sculptures, labor, structural engineering, and transportation.

The City of Sunrise, Florida (City) is seeking to commission an Artist or Artist team to create an interactive sculpture inspired by the “Upside-Down House”. This sculpture will be located in the City’s Village Art Plaza (Plaza) currently under construction, located at 2260 NW 68 Avenue, Sunrise. The sculpture should be inspired by the 1960s “Upside-Down House” which was a marketing strategy to drive traffic to Sunrise Golf Village. Not only was the house successful in promoting the beginning of what became the City of Sunrise, it was also a local landmark for tourists. The sculpture doesn’t have to be a replica of the “Upside-Down House” but it must be representative of this historic landmark and it must be interactive, which is a form of art that involves the spectator either by letting the observer walk through or over/under the sculpture and/or invites the spectators become part of the artwork in some way.

The Call to Artists is expected to be conducted in two (2) phases. In the first phase, up to three (3) Artists or Artist teams will be shortlisted by the Selection Committee based on experience, credentials, style, and previous work. In the second phase, each shortlisted Artist or Artist team will receive up to a $1,500.00 stipend for the development of a detailed proposal with conceptual design options for the interactive sculpture.

The Call to Artists will generally be awarded to the responsive and responsible Artist or Artist team whose design is selected by the Committee and submitted to the City Commission with a recommendation of approval. The selected Artist or Artist team will be expected to enter into an agreement with the City for the sculpture in an amount not to exceed $145,000.00. The selected Artist or Artist team will be responsible for the creation and installation of the final work. One large 16’ diameter (150’ sq. ft.) concrete art pad to grade with electricity will be provided by the City.

The application is open to all Professional Artists nationwide with experience working with public agencies and professional engineers.


Qualities of the Sculpture

This Call to Artists emphasizes the City of Sunrise’s desire to commission an interactive sculpture that represents the “Upside-Down House.” In 1960, South Florida developer Norman Johnson saw an upside-down car at a Miami auto dealership and thought of a way to promote his new development, Sunrise Golf Course Village, on 2,650 then-rural acres west of Fort Lauderdale. The house attracted thousands of home buyers to what is now the City of Sunrise and was featured in a two-page Life Magazine spread. Sadly, the “Upside-Down House” was demolished in 1975 but it still lives in the memory of many of Sunrise’s long-term residents and visitors. The goal with this sculpture is to remind people about this piece of Sunrise’s history and give people the ability to touch and interact with the sculpture and feel as if they were entering the “Upside-Down House”.

The sculptures should be durable and require minimal ongoing maintenance. South Florida has a sub-tropical climate and at times is hot and humid, with an intense sun and seasonal heavy rain. Problems with rust and fading should be avoided. The sculptures shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the Florida Building Code. The sculpture must be tall and wide enough to be impactful and interactive, where people could go walk into or over or under the sculpture to feel as if they entered the upside-down house. The art pad for the sculpture will be designed and constructed by the City. Conduits will be available for lighting.  

The City would prefer a sculpture that have the following elements:

  • Uniqueness
  • Stands out day and night (can be lit from within)
  • No water features
  • Interactive
  • Inspired by the “Upside-Down House”


Description of Location

The sculpture will be located in the Village Art Plaza. Sunset Strip is the major thoroughfare in eastern Sunrise, which is part of the City’s original neighborhoods. The Village Art Plaza (Art Plaza) is currently under construction with an estimated completion in February 2024.  Once completed, the Art Plaza will be a destination for residents and visitors. The Art Plaza will include several art pads for sculptures and murals, and it will be activated on a regular basis with events such as live music, farmer’s markets, art shows, and many other community gathering events.  The art pad for the sculpture will be the largest in the Village Art Plaza, and the sculpture will be the most important piece within the Art Plaza. The Art Plaza will also connect to City Park which was recently renovated and includes a brand-new amphitheater, multipurpose field, covered basketball courts, splash pad, playground, and walking trail.

The East Sunrise Improvements Master Plan (Master Plan) was adopted in March of 2019, which is a roadmap for reinvestment in the original Sunrise neighborhoods. Since the adoption of the Master Plan, the City has been heavily investing on and working to attract investment and redevelopment to improve our original neighborhoods. The Master Plan recommended focusing on art, which is why the Art Plaza is being constructed and why the sculptures are so important.

A Site Plan of the Village Art Plaza is attached to the Call to Artists highlighting the expected location of the art pad. In addition, conceptual renderings of the Village Art Plaza are also attached along with an image of the upside-down house.


About the City of Sunrise 

The City of Sunrise, incorporated in 1961, is located in southeastern Florida in Broward County. The City encompasses an area of approximately 18 square miles with an approximate population of 97,000. The City is uniquely positioned in the most desirable and central location in Broward County, neighboring the Everglades and within less than an hour to three major airports, and three major seaports. The City is a dynamic and welcoming community that appreciates and celebrates its diverse people and culture, while embracing smart growth and development.

The City’s Business and Entertainment District has the largest and most successful outlet mall in the continental United States - Sawgrass Mills Mall; the 20,000 seat FLA Live Arena, one of the finest arenas in the country and home to the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers; and the Sawgrass International Corporate Park, one of the largest Corporate Parks in the State. Because of these three major assets (Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sawgrass International Corporate Park and FLA Live Arena), the City hosts more than 28 million visitors each year. A strong endorsement of the City’s business appeal is that corporations, hotels, restaurants, office parks, and attractions already located in our community continue to expand and invest in the area.


Selection Process

The City of Sunrise reserves the right to cancel this Call to Artists, to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any or all Proposals or parts of Proposals, to waive minor irregularities and technicalities in the Proposals, to adjust the time table as needed, to enter into negotiations with Proposers as warranted, to award the Call to Artists, and to enter into an agreement on such coverage and terms that the City deems will best serve the best interests of the City. A minor irregularity is defined as a variation from the Call to Artists’ terms and conditions which does not affect the price of the Proposal, give a Proposer an unfair advantage over other Proposers, or adversely impact the interests of the City. There is no obligation on the part of the City to award the Call to Artists or an agreement to the Proposer(s) offering the lowest price to the City. The City reserves the right to award the Call to Artists and enter into an agreement with the Artist whose proposal is judged most advantageous to and in the best interests of the City. The City shall be the sole judge of which Proposal is in the best interests of the City. The City reserves the right to obtain and review any information deemed necessary to determine the ability of the Proposer to carry out its obligations required under the agreement, including but not limited to its relevant experience and qualifications, the quality of its past performance, the Proposer’s current and prior compliance with all laws and regulations, its financial strength and capability to perform the requirements of this Call to Artists. 

All submissions must be done via CAFÉ at


First Selection/ Shortlisting Process

The City’s Selection Committee will manage the application process. The Selection Committee includes City Staff from different departments.  A public art consultant serves as an Advisor to the Committee. The Selection Committee will operate as a recommending committee to the City Commission. Upon review of all entries submitted through CAFÉ, the Selection Committee will invite up to three (3) shortlisted Artists to submit and present a complete proposal which will include a design concept for the interactive “Upside-Down House” sculpture. The selection committee will shortlist up to three (3) artists based on experience, credentials, artist statement, style and previous work. All submitted complete applications will be reviewed. Applications not meeting the submission guidelines will not be considered


Second Selection

Each of the shortlisted Artists will be provided up to a $1,500.00 stipend for development of a detailed proposal for the sculpture and any associated travel costs (if a shortlisted artist selects to present virtually and there is no travel cost, the stipend is $1,000.00). The payment will be made after the Artist submits the detailed proposal and presents the proposal to the Selection Committee. Further details will be provided to each of the shortlisted artists, including dates for artists to present their proposal to the Selection Committee (presentations can be via a virtual meeting or in-person, but in-person is preferred and the higher stipend is provided to help offset travel cost). If Artists choose to present their proposals in-person to the Selection Committee, the expenses of travel and overnight accommodations are included in the $1,500.00 stipend. The Selection Committee will recommend awarding the final agreement(s) based on its evaluation of the sculpture proposal and the criteria listed below. The Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold the art sculpture award recommendation if it should not find a satisfactory sculpture. 

The shortlisted artists will be required to submit a detailed proposal with the following information: 

  1. Proposed concept 3D Digital Model and/or Maquette. Model must include a scaled plan of the proposed location, and a plan dimensioned elevation of the concept. Model must also include perspectives of the concept, information regarding materials, weights, colors and any other relevant details.
  2. Site Plan.  Plan must include perspective drawing between sculpture and sidewalk or other public space, and show all design features to create a space with foreground and backdrop for sculpture.  Site plan shall also show pedestrian access to the sculpture and hide light fixtures shining on the sculpture from public view. Must also include any guard rail and/or other ideas for protection against vandalism.
  3. Project Maintenance Instructions
  4. An Itemized Project Budget. 

The criteria for the second and final selection include the following:

  1. Design aesthetic and concepts:  60 points
    1. Artistic merit of concept to include meaning of the proposed sculpture and theme
    2. Style and Appropriateness:  Demonstrate that the sculptures are compatible in relationship to the landscape, that each sculpture included the name “Village Art Plaza” as part of the sculpture, and that the sculptures complement each other and together create a sense of arrival.
    3. Diversity: Reflects the overall project goal to strive for diversity in style, scale, media and Artists working in traditional and contemporary art forms.
  2. Technical considerations: 25 points
    1. Feasibility: Including the Artist’s artistic history and experience in completing public art projects within the timeline and budget, as well as the sustainability of the sculpture.
    2. Safety and Maintenance: The sculpture should be durable, meet the requirements of insurance policies and be resistant to theft and/or vandalism. Materials should require minimal periodic maintenance and be readily available if conservation or restoration is necessary. Protection against vandalism
  3. Quality of Proposal/Presentation: 15 points
    1. The Proposer must demonstrate experience in providing the type of Services requested in this Call to Artists.
    2. Written Proposals should be brief, presented in logical order, and contain the information requested herein and may be accompanied by any additional materials necessary to convey the appropriate experience.


Artist Requirements Once Selected

  • Meetings with the Selection Committee as needed to discuss aspects of sculpture: either via phone, virtual or in person;
  • Design development and modifications with drawings and/or models sufficient to secure the approval of the Selection Committee and the City Commission;
  • Indemnify, and hold the City of Sunrise harmless from any and all claims and damages;
  • Warranties; and
  • Liability and other insurance;
  • Construction documents signed by a Florida engineer;
  • Obtain permits and coordinate inspections;
  • Transportation and off-truck loading of the sculpture to the specific site in Sunrise;
  • Installation of the sculpture;
  • One public lecture in Sunrise if requested by the City; and
  • Professional photos of the sculpture for publication and marketing.

Note: The City will be responsible for the cost and construction of the art pad and electricity to the pad. However, the Artist or Artist team must identify the electrical requirements of the selected sculptures.


Next Steps

  • Artist Applications Submitted
  • Shortlisting
  • Submission of detailed proposal
  • Presentation to Selection Committee
  • Selection Committee’s Rankings
  • City Commission Approval
  • Notification to Artist(s)
  • Entry into a mutually acceptable agreement
  • Sculpture Permitting/Installed
  • Dedication Ceremony

Application Requirements

Artist resume, up to ten images of previous work, and three references are required. 

Eligibility Criteria


The project is open to all visual arts Professional Artists/Artist Teams in the United States. Professional Artists/Artist Teams should have experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm with government agencies. Professional Artists/Artist Teams must be able to effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with the Architects of Record, General Contractors, multiple Governmental Agencies, Community Groups, City Staff and the Selection Committee whenever it is required. Artist or Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a professional Artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the sole commission the sculpture, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of the sculpture in public institutions or museums, receipt of honors and awards, and training in the arts.  

Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of Sunrise City staff, Sunrise City Commission, or the public art consultants that are working for the City.  


Contact Information

All questions must be submitted to  and     

Website for City of Sunrise:

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