Call Detail
47th International Watermedia Exhibition
Entry Deadline: 1/13/24
Application Closed

Entry Fee (Entry fee for first piece 47th International Watermedia Exhibition): $40.00
Media Fee(Additional fee per entry): $15.00
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 3
Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: Texas
Event Dates: 3/3/24 - 3/30/24
Jury Dates: 1/14/24 - 1/28/24

The 47th Annual International Watermedia Exhibition (IWE) showcases the excellence of artists from around the world in a gallery exhibit in Houston's popular Museum District. In March 2024, entries selected by renowned artist, juror and judge, Vladislav Yeliseyev, will receive maximal exposure in a month-long gallery exhibit as well as in an online exhibit that will last through the end of the year.  Additionally, participants have opportunity to win awards totaling $10,000.            


                                Juried and judged

           47th Annual International Watermedia Exhibition

                                      March 2024

Online registration begins:                              September 15, 2023

Online registration closes:           January 13, 2024, 11:59 pm MST

Gallery Reception:                March 3, 2024, Sunday, 3:30 pm CST

Juror and Judge:                                               Vladislav Yeliseyev

Prizes:                                                                $10,000 in awards

Designations:                 Earn Signature and Signature Elite status

IWE Chairperson:                                                 Donna Van Fleet 

Contact Info:                                                     

Juror and Judge Vladislav Yeliseyev  Vlad Yeliseyev is a renowned watercolor artist known for his ability to capture everyday scenes that are praised for their mastery of light and color. With classical art education and a master's degree in architecture, Vlad has lived and worked in the United States for over 30 years, amassing a following of art students and collectors worldwide. An exhibiting member of many art societies, he holds Signature status in organizations such as the American Impressionist Society and the National Watercolor Society, and he has been featured in prominent publications, including Watercolor Artist magazine, PleinAir Magazine and Art of Watercolour.  


                           $10,000 in cash awards

1st Place $2,500

2nd Place $2,000

3rd Place $1,500

Odette Rubin Memorial Award $1000

Margaret Bock Award $500

Jack Bowen Award $500

ET Kraycirik Award $500

Ten Merit Awards of $150 each

Taxation:  US residents will be paid by check.  US residents for tax purposes who receive $600 or more in awards must complete a Form W-9 and will receive a Form 1099 in January 2024. 

Payments to non-US residents will be made via wire transfer. Entrants who are not US residents for tax purposes must complete a Form W-8 BEN (which will be emailed with instructions for completion). Withholding tax will be made from awards in accordance with US tax laws and any existing tax treaty with the entrant's country of residence. No withholding is required on proceeds of a sold painting that was painted outside of the US.  

                Signature and Elite Signature Status

Signature Status and Elite Signature Status are honorifics awarded to artists whose works have been selected for multiple years' participation in the WAS-H IWE. Signature artists have exhibited their work in three IWEs; Elite Signature artists have exhibited their work in five or more IWEs. Once designated, artists may add the credential "WAS-H" after their signature to indicate their status.

To be eligible, an artist must be a WAS-H member at the time their works are accepted into the IWEs, however, there is no requirement for an artist to retain ongoing membership in WAS-H. A "Signature Status Artist" retains that honorific for life regardless of membership.

Application Requirements

                                   HOW TO ENTER

WAS-H uses (CaFE') to manage this Exhibition, and all entries are submitted online via CaFE'.  To enter, artists must have a CaFE' profile, which is easy to create online. Once a profile is set up, artists can upload their artwork as digital files and enter the 2024 IWE Call-for-Entry.

 Entry Regulations

 RegulationAdditional specifications
AgeArtists must be 18 years of age or older. 
EnteringAll entries are submitted online via CaFE' ( up a profile at
Number of entriesUp to three entries per artist may be submitted.Only one entry per artist may be selected by the Juror for the Exhibition.   
Entry fees

1 entry    = $40

2 entries = $55

3 entries = $70

Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Members of WAS-H at the Gold Level of membership enter for free.


Eligibility Criteria


Eligibility Regulations

 RegulationAdditional specifications
AgeArtists must be 18 years of age or older. 
Age of artworkOnly works created within 24 months of the entry deadline are eligible.Entry deadline is 1/13/2024.
Original artwork

Paintings must be artists' original work.

Reference photo(s) may be used only if the photo(s) were taken by the artist.

No art created in class, from DVD or from other instruction or supervision.

No copies or giclees.

No art created from photos taken by others.

WatermediaAt least 80% water media: watercolor, acrylic, gouache, egg tempera, casein, ink.No water miscible oil.
SurfacePaper, Yupo, Claybord, Aquabord, gesso board and paper-based board (illustration or art board).No canvas.

Surface size  


No smaller than 9 inches or 23 centimeters on any side, measured inside the window created by the mat.

When submitting images online, it is extremely important to enter dimensions not including the frame and mat.

Artwork is measured for size compliance when received at the gallery.

Maximum framed sizeIncluding the frame, no larger than 48 inches or 122 centimeters in any direction.Artwork is measured for size compliance when received at the gallery.

Framing and Matting Regulations

FramingArtwork must be matted and framed. 
Framing exception for cradled panelsCradled panels made of Clapbord, Aquabord or gesso board must have finished sides.Flat panels without a frame or cradle are not acceptable.
MatsMats must be true white, not shades of white.

No colored mats or liners. 

Mat cores must be white.

Frame materialWood or metal frames. 
Frame stylePlain, simple, not ornate.No embellishments such as carving, edging, accents, distressing, texture, grain, etc.
Frame color

Black, brown, white, gold or silver.

Frame must be one color.

No bronze, copper or other color frames.

No tone changes or mottling.

Frame thicknessNo thicker than 2.0 inches or 5.08 centimeters measured from front to back 



Frames must be stable, sturdy and undamaged.Artwork in loose or damaged frames will be disqualified.

Frames and cradled panels must be strung on the back with wire for hanging.

No sawtooth hangars.

Artwork too heavy for hanging by its wire will be disqualified.

Artwork must be ready to hang when received by the gallery.

 ProtectionArtwork must be protected by Plexiglass (R) for framed work or varnish for cradled panels. 


No glass allowed.


                              HOW TO PARTICIPATE

All artists will be notified whether or not their artwork is selected by the Juror to participate in the Exhibition.  If your artwork is selected by the Juror to participate, you will receive an Invitation. Congratulations!  Promptly accept your Invitation, pack your artwork and send it to Houston.

Invitation, Shipping and Hanging Regulations

 RegulationAdditional specifications

Invitations issued



Notifications sent 1/31/24.

Artists whose works were selected by the Juror will receive an Invitation.

All artists will be notified whether or not their work is selected to participate.


Accept invitation




   2/10/24 deadline

By deadline, invited artists must accept or decline their Invitation to participate.


Lack of response from artist will be treated as declining the Invitation.



Agree to online exhibition


Invited artists must agree to participate in the online exhibition as well.


If artist declines online exhibition, they forfeit eligibility for gallery participation and awards.

Selected artwork



Selected artwork must be the same as the digital picture originally entered online.


No substitutions.

Registration information cannot be changed at this time. This includes the price, title and entry size.



Shipping period  is                       2/13/24 - 2/28/24

Shipping instructions will be provided in the Invitation.


Artists are responsible for all shipping fees and must include pre-paid return shipping labels.


Days/times for deliveries



Deliveries can be accepted            Tuesday – Saturday
    10 am – 3 pm


Deliveries at other times might be left unattended outside.



Delivery deadline






Paintings received after the deadline will not be in the Exhibition.  No exceptions.







Works are uncrated and closely examined for compliance with Prospectus regulations.




Screening committee has the final say regarding disqualifications.

Disqualified works are shipped back to their artists.



Location of artwork in gallery

WAS-H will determine the location of hanging for all artworks.


Special requests by artists are not permitted.



Duration of Exhibition




  3/3/24 - 3/31/24

Artwork must remain on display in the gallery for the duration of the Exhibition.



Removal of artwork prior to Exhibition closing will result in penalties assessed by WAS-H and disqualification to enter future shows.


Handling fees



$25 for hand-delivered work. $50 for shipped works.




Sales of paintings during the Exhibition will be handled by WAS-H on behalf of the artist.  Interested buyers may call the gallery at 713-942-9966 or send an email to

 Sales Regulations

 RegulationAdditional specifications

Price includes frame.

The sales price is specified in the initial entry and may not be changed.


For not-for-sale (NFS) artwork, at initial entry artist specifies $0 (zero) as the price.   
DiscountWAS-H reserves the right to negotiate up to a 10% discount to close a sale.  
WAS-H donationWAS-H receives a donation of 25% for paintings sold during the Exhibition. 
Sales taxSales tax is charged for all sales regardless of artworks' country of origin.

Sales tax is 8.25%.


Sold paintingSold paintings may not be removed from the gallery until the Exhibition closes.Paintings are released     April 1, 2024, 10 am CST.
Shipping and delivery of sold paintingsArtist is responsible for coordinating with the buyer logistics for delivery including any applicable handling and shipping costs. WAS-H is not responsible for shipping paintings. 


                              IWE Calendar

Phase I





9/15/23 - 1/13/24


Artists enter works for consideration.


Phase II



1/14/24 - 1/28/24



Juror determines which entries will be Invited to participate.


Phase III 










Artists are notified via email whether paintings are accepted or not into the Exhibition.


Phase IV

Invitation Acceptance


  2/10/24 (deadline)

Invited artists accept or decline the Invitation to participate.

Artists also agree to participate in the online exhibition.

Phase V


Houston Gallery







2/13/24 - 2/28/24Artists pack and send original artwork ready to hang.

Phase VI









Artwork is uncrated and examined for compliance.

Disqualified works are shipped back to artists.

Phase VII





Judge selects winners and winners are notified.

Phase VIII






Winners are announced, followed by Awards Reception.

Phase IX



  3/3/24 -               3/31/24

  3/5/24 - 12/31/24

Gallery Exhibition is open to the public.

Online exhibition is available through end of the year.