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Sunrise City Hall Wall Art – South Florida Nature and Wildlife
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Entry Deadline: 12/8/23
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Budget: Ranges based on type of art, size and other criteria (City is expecting digital photography and giclee to cost between $200 to $500 and original paintings to range between $1,000 to $3,000)

Qualities of the Artwork

The artwork must complement the interior of the new City Hall building.  Images of the walls where artwork will be placed and size of the walls where they are to be located are included in the site plan link.

The goal of the Call to Artists is to showcase works of art throughout the City Hall building (hallways and other prominent walls) that are inspired by South Florida’s Nature and Wildlife, with a strong focus on the Everglades. Please note that ocean themed artwork will not be considered or accepted. Because of City’s proximity to the Everglades, the City Hall conference room names are also inspired by local nature and wildlife. The conference room names are included below to provide some inspiration for artists.

1st Floor (2 wall arts)EVERGLADES ROOM
2nd Floor (4 wall arts)PANTHER CONFERENCE ROOM
3rd Floor (4 wall arts)MONARCH CONFERENCE ROOM
4th Floor (4 wall arts)OAK CONFERENCE ROOM
5th Floor (7 wall arts)ROYAL PALM CONFERENCE ROOM


About the City of Sunrise 

The City of Sunrise, incorporated in 1961, is located in southeastern Florida in Broward County. The City encompasses an area of approximately 18 square miles with an approximate population of 98,000. The City is uniquely positioned in the most desirable and central location in Broward County, neighboring the Everglades and within less than an hour to three major airports, and three major seaports. The City is a dynamic and welcoming community that appreciates and celebrates its diverse people and culture, while embracing smart growth and development.

The City’s Business and Entertainment District has the largest and most successful outlet mall in the continental United States - Sawgrass Mills mall; the 20,000 seat Amerant Bank Arena, one of the finest arenas in the country and home to the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers; and the Sawgrass International Corporate Park, one of the largest Corporate Parks in the State. Because of these three major assets (Sawgrass Mills mall, Amerant Bank Arena, and Sawgrass International Corporate Park), the City hosts more than 28 million visitors each year. A strong endorsement of the City’s business appeal is that corporations, hotels, restaurants, office parks, and attractions already located in our community continue to expand and invest in the area.

Contact Information

All questions must be submitted to and     

Website for City of Sunrise: 

All submissions must be done via CAFÉ at

Application Requirements

Artists Selection

One (1) to twenty-two (22) artists can be selected for this project.  All artists will be required to submit an image of the proposed painting(s) and/or photography, along with a title for initial review and selection by the Committee. Once selected, the final artwork must be submitted in the following manner: For photography and giclee, the artist must submit a high-resolution file (300 DPI), suitable for use. For original paintings, the selected artists are responsible for shipping and safe delivery of the artwork.

However, if the Artwork does not maintain acceptable quality when digitally enhanced and/or if original Artwork is damaged during shipping and the issue cannot be resolved, the City has the right to reject the Artwork and be released from any obligation to compensate the artist.  Artists will be compensated after the Artwork is submitted / safely delivered to the City in the final template and resolution requested to the City's satisfaction. For digital photography or giclee, the artist is not responsible for printing the Artwork and will deliver the work as a digital file. For all Artwork, including original paintings the City will be responsible for framing and installing the Artwork.  The specific location of each selected Artwork will be determined by the Committee, but if the artist envisions the proposed Artwork in one of the specific walls in the list provided, please specify and the Committee will consider the request.

All Artists will be required to sign a Letter of Understanding (LOU) granting the City reproduction rights to the Artwork. For Artists submitting digital files of the artwork, the Artist will retain the copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Artwork, but will grant the City, unlimited, perpetual, and irrevocable right to use or reproduce the Artwork in any non-commercial manner or media whatsoever. For original paintings, the selected Artist would have to agree that the painting is being developed by Artist for the sole and exclusive use of City which shall be deemed to be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest therein, including all copyright and proprietary rights relating thereto.  All of the Artwork submitted for consideration must be unique and the artist submitting the designs must be the creator and owner of the Artwork and possess all copyrights and custody of the original work and therefore have not been copied, reproduced in any way, or otherwise infringed upon anyone else's intellectual property rights.

Criteria for Selecting Proposals

All artists must meet the guidelines of the program.

1. Artistic merit of concept.

2. Style and Appropriateness: Artwork should demonstrate that it is compatible in relationship to the new City Hall building and the South Florida’s Nature and Wildlife theme.

5. Diversity: Reflects the overall project goal to strive for artwork that is inspired by a wide variety of native South Florida nature and wildlife.

6. Price: Fits within the overall project budget and the proposed Artwork is within or close to the expected price range per artwork (the City is expecting digital photography and giclee to cost between $200 to $500 for digital file and original paintings to range between $1,000 to $3,000).

Next Steps

·       Artist Artwork Submitted 

·       Selection Committee’s Rankings

·       LOU Provided to Top Ranked Artists

·       City Commission Approval

·       Notification to Artist(s)

·       Artists to Provide Final Work

Eligibility Criteria

The project is open to all visual arts Professional Artists/Artist Teams. Professional Artists/Artist Teams should have experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm with government agencies. Professional Artists/Artist Teams must be able to effectively work within the project timeline and collaborate with the Selection Committee whenever it is required. Artist or Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a professional Artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the commission of artwork, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of artwork in public institutions or museums, receipt of honors and awards, and training in the arts. 

Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of Sunrise City staff, Sunrise City Commission, or the public art consultants that are working for the City.