Call Detail
City of Loveland-LFRA Fire Station 7 and 10

Entry Deadline: 5/5/24
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 5, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Colorado
Budget: Total = $99,400 (if both projects awarded 1 Artist)

The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) for an Artist to create unique exterior works of public artwork for Fire Station 7 and Fire Station 10, located within the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority boundaries, which extend beyond Loveland City limits. There are 187 square miles and over 109,000 people served within this area. Artists may be considered for one or both projects.  Below, each fire station has a detailed overview of the site.

The preferred themes and locations for the final artwork selections are outlined within this RFQ. There is a desire for artists’ interpretations as each station has its unique characteristics, offering artists innovative and creative opportunities to utilize historical objects to tell the story of rural firefighting, the wildlands and wildlife within its boundaries.

When submitting your application, Artists must state their preference for Fire Station 7, Fire Station 10 or both projects. Please note that the City is currently accepting information regarding qualifications and samples of past work. Artists should not include proposals.


Each station is described below and presents unique characteristics to their respective sites.

Fire Station 7 is located in the foothills along N. CO Road 27 near the Big Thompson Canyon.  The environment surrounding the fire station includes landscaping which includes an educational walking tour of fire hardening and mitigation efforts. Following the station’s destruction during the 2013 flood, a historic fire siren was recovered from the site. Fire staff would like to incorporate the siren into a public artwork display to tell the story of how the flood impacted the community, its response to the disaster, and how the community bounced back. The siren is heavy, measuring approximately 5 x 3 feet.

The total budget for Fire Station 7 artwork is $36,800.

Fire Station 10 is located on Ronald Reagan Blvd in Johnstown and was opened in October of 2022. The community room and training center, just off the main entry, is dedicated to showcasing the history of the 140-year-old Bartholf Hose Company's antique hose cart and a photo of the company with some smaller antique equipment. There is a desire to feature visuals of firefighters in period-correct uniforms and equipment from 1883-1910. A modern equipped firefighter could also be incorporated. Artwork will be displayed indoors in front of an 8-foot-high window. It is important to the team that the artwork not only suits the interior space but is also clearly visible from the outside at night.

The total budget for Fire Station 10 artwork is $62,600.  


The selected artist/artist team will be responsible for utilizing the exterior of the site to:

  • identify sites for integrated artwork
  • interpret the history and/or functions of Fire & Rescue services
  • interpret the site using feedback from user groups
  • identify ways to maximize the Art in Public Places monies by capitalizing upon existing resources and site interpretation

Finalists for this project will be provided with images and videos of the site. Several areas have been identified as key locations for public artwork; however, finalists will have the freedom to present designs for areas of their choice.

  • The artwork may reflect the nature environment and elements - particularly, wildlands and wildlife, which may draw elements from the 2020 Cameron Peak wildfire, which burned through an area of 208,913 acres on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in Larimer and Jackson Counties and Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • The unique characteristics of Fire-related duties and situations.
  • Strong desire for artwork that reflects the lives of fire personnel.
  • The artwork may be placed either on or in the building, within the visible, public areas of the site.

BUDGETS: Each project budget includes design, fabrication, insurance, installation, travel, contingency, and all incidental costs.
Project Budgets: Fire Station 7 artwork is $36,800, and Fire Station 10 artwork is $62,600;  $99,400 (total) if an artist is awarded both projects.  

PROJECT TIMELINE:  Finalists for these projects will be expected to provide a timeline at the time of presentation. The construction for both locations has been completed and the timeline is somewhat flexible; however, a final completion date by summer 2025 is desired.

APPLICATION PROCESS: From this RFQ, up to three finalists may be selected to present design concepts for this project. Finalists will be paid an honorarium to develop and present their artwork design concepts. Please do not submit proposals to this RFQ, as those proposals will be removed from the jury process.

All applications must be submitted through the CAFÉ website at: Incomplete applications will not be juried by the artwork selection committee. All applications must include:

  • a preliminary statement of approach for the project, which communicates experience with projects of similar scope and scale
  • a minimum of 5 images of fabricated and installed public artwork completed within the past five years that highlight your previous accomplishment(s) with installations of similar appropriate scale.  No more than 2 images per project are permitted. Do not submit images of past proposals that have not been executed as your application will be removed from the jury process.  Minimum: 5; Maximum: 10 images
  • your professional resumes for the artist(s) applying to this project specifically highlighting similar outdoor commissions and/or sculpture installations
  • Three professional references for artist(s) applying to this project

The primary criteria for selection:

  • Aesthetics: Does the artwork meet the aesthetic preferences as stated within the RFQ?
  • Assigned Personnel: Does the artist/artist team working on the project have the necessary skills to execute the project? Are there sufficient people with the requisite skills assigned to the project?
  • Has the artist/artist team completed projects of a similar scope on time and on budget?
  • Scope of Proposal: Does the artist/artist team demonstrate an understanding of the project objective, appropriate scale, and desired results?
  • Materials: Are the materials safe and durable enough for the Colorado climate (including intense sun and winds of up to 120/mph)?
  • Availability: Can the installation be completed within an acceptable timeframe?


  • AIPP staff will oversee operations and administer the decisions of the jury panel.
  • Areas have been identified as key locations for public artwork; however, finalists will have the freedom to present designs for areas of their choice. All finalists will be provided with images of the site. After the finalists’ presentations, one artist/artist team will be awarded this project.
  • Each finalist shall present detailed drawings for their concept(s), and detailed narrative of their concept. Additional presentation materials that the artist feels appropriate for the jury panel’s review are highly encouraged.
  • A detailed budget is required of the finalists. This budget must include all expenditures in connection with the execution of the project. Before submitting a proposal, artists must ensure the project can be executed as presented.
  • Artwork Selection Panel: Members of the City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission (9), Fire Department (6), and Loveland residents (3) will serve as jurors for the project.
  • Up to three finalists may be selected to present design concepts for this project. Each artist/artist team will enter into a contract with the City.
  • An honorarium of $1500 will be paid to each finalist that presents their design concept(s) at a regularly scheduled Visual Arts Commission meeting. (Date: Thurs., August 1, 2024.)


The awarded artist/artist team will enter into a contract with the City of Loveland and will be required to carry general liability insurance of $1 million and execute the design as presented. Stamped, engineered drawings are required before acceptance and installation.

  • Because this artwork is considered site-specific, the awarded artist may not install a similar project or edition of this artwork within a 60-mile radius of the installation site.
  • Project completion date will be determined jointly by the artist, City staff, with input from the Visual Arts Commission.
  • The awarded artist/artist team will work closely with Cultural Services, Facilities and Fire staff throughout the project timeline to ensure project requirements are met.
  • All finished work shall be true to the approved maquette or drawings, design, concept, and budget, as approved by the Loveland Visual Arts Commission. The artists’ progress reports must be made as contracted.

Application Requirements


The project is open to any professional artist residing within a 150-mile radius of Loveland, Colorado. Each application must be completed in its entirety to be considered and must include:

  • Current resume or curriculum vitae.
  • 5-10 digital images representing past work completed within the last five years
  • A written preliminary statement, not to exceed one page, which addresses the artist’s interest in this project and a preliminary statement of approach.
  • 3 professional references 

Eligibility Criteria

The project is open to any professional artist residing within a 150-mile radius of Loveland, Colorado.