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Oak Knoll Oak Woodland

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: California
Entry Deadline: 10/28/16
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 6, Maximum: 12
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 4
Total Media - Minimum: 6, Maximum: 16
The Oak Knoll community is a proposed 935-unit residential development situated on 187 acres of what once was the Naval Medical Center, Oakland. The project will include the daylighting and restoration of Rifle Range Creek, 80 acres of open space with hiking trails, and a community center--all of which will be accessible to Oakland residents.

A 120-foot-wide by 930-foot-long woodland adjacent to Rifle Range Creek, populated with mature oaks, will be preserved during development.  A footpath of decomposed granite will connect to a pedestrian bridge at the south and a community center at the north.  During the Rifle Range Creek restoration, the woodland will be cleared of all invasive species and debris remaining from Naval activities, and arborists will assess the health of the trees.  Some damaged and diseased trees will need to be removed.  However, the desire is to preserve and protect the woodland.

SunCal, the Oak Knoll master developer, is seeking an artist or team of artists who will create permanent art that respects and takes advantage of the natural setting of the woodland.  Artists will work with the landscape architect to safely integrate the installation.  This project will require materials that are permanent, durable, weather resistant and low maintenance.

A selection panel comprised of art professionals, community stakeholders and SunCal representatives will choose three finalists from the pool of applicants.  Artistic excellence, innovation and creativity expressed in past work, as well as professional experience, will be evaluated by the panel based on materials submitted.

Three finalists will be paid a $1000 honorarium to complete their proposals.  Finalists interviews and proposal presentations with the selection process will be conducted in Oakland, California, in January 2017. Finalists proposals must include an itemized budget, a project timeline, a project narrative and maintenance requirements.

The project budget must cover all expenses related to design (design documents, renderings and/or other media required to communicate artist's concept design to stakeholders and approving bodies); transportation and accommodaton of artist; permits, fees and business license required by the City of Oakland; insurance; mateials and fabrication of artwork; and site preparation, transportation and installation of artwork.
*Gross art budget $255,600, minus SunCal contracted art consultant fee of 10%.

In 1989 the City of Oakland adopted a Percent for Public Art Ordinance for publicly funded projects.  In 2014 the Oakland City Council amended the Public Art Ordinance to include privately funded residential (20 or more units) and commercial (2,000 or more square feet) projects.  In February 2015 the amended ordinance became effective. The public art obligation is based on the valuation of the building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits and is one-half of one percent for residential and one percent for commercial.

The City of Oakland Cultural Arts Programs of the Economic and Workforce Development Department requires that a Public Art for Private Development Checklist be submitted, by SunCal, prior to or concurrent with the permit applications.

Both the City of Oakland Ordinance and Public Art Checklist can be found at

All applicants or teams of applicants must be practicing, professional artists residing in California.  Oakland artists are encouraged to apply.  All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have all necessary documentation and permits to work in the United States at the time of submittal of qualifications.  Applications submitted by third parties will not be accepted.

All interested artists must complete their submittal for this project online through CaFE. There are no exceptions.

All interested artists must complete the artist statement and artist questions found on CaFE. In addition, please upload a resume and references to CaFE.

Application must include visual representations of past artwork that demonstrate your qualifications for this project. In order to be considered for this project, the applicant must upload a minimum of 6 and no more than 12 images that represent previously completed projects (at least 2 per project). Proposal images from prior projects may be submitted, but should be clearly marked as proposals and cannot be more than 2 of the requested images.

Applicants may include video representations of past artwork that demonstrate your qualifications for this project.  Applicants may upload no more than 4 video files.

Image and video format must comply with CaFE upload standards.

Application must include a list of the submitted project images/videos with descriptions that clearly explain both the projects and images.  Each image/video must include: a) title; b) date of completion; c) locaton; d) dimensions; e) significant materials; and f) budget if publicly available.

A tour of the Oak Knoll Oak Woodland is scheduled for Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 10am.  Please RSVP at contact below.

Application dealine: October 28, 2016
Selection process: November 2016
Notification of three finalists: November 2016
Proposal presentations to selection panel: January 2017
Notification of finalist: January 2017
Contract negotiation: January 2017
Project installation: Spring 2019
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