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RFQ University of Central Florida Art in State Buildings Program
Kevin Haran
UCF School of Visual Arts and Design
P.O. Box 161342
Orlando, FL 32816-1342

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Florida
Entry Deadline: 5/25/17
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 6
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20

Art in State Buildings Program Project
UCF Downtown, Dr. Phillips Academic Commons UCF 578
University of Central Florida, Orlando

Art Allocation: $85,000

The University of Central Florida is pleased to announce a major public art opportunity.  The UCF/Florida Art in State Buildings Program seeks qualifications from artists and artist/design collectives to design, fabricate and install permanent site-specific public art into the new Dr. Phillips Academic Commons at the UCF Downtown campus. The public art elements must be an integral part of the new Dr. Phillips Academic Commons located in downtown Orlando newest development, Creative Village.

UCF Downtown Campus

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is moving forward with a plan for a significant campus in the heart of downtown Orlando, the intellectual anchor of the immerging Creative Village development. Between UCF and its partner, Valencia College, Phase I of the campus is expected to bring over 7,700 students to downtown Orlando beginning in the Fall of 2019, anchoring by a 148,000 square foot new Dr. Phillips Academic Commons.

Downtown Orlando is already home to UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy – the nation’s top video-gaming graduate school. UCF Downtown will offer degrees in digital media, communication, health information technology and administration, and community-facing programs like social work and legal studies – connecting highly skilled talent with industry needs, neighborhood synergies and new opportunities.

In partnership with Valencia College, the new campus will provide innovative education for high-demand fields that integrate with industry and place thousands of students within walking distance of jobs and internships.

For more information on UCF Downtown go to:

For more information on Creative Village go to:

Dr. Phillips Academic Commons

The heart of UCF Downtown will be the new Dr. Phillips Academic Commons. A summary of the design principles and overall building massing is included below. (Refer to Site Plan Image)

Core Design Principles

·      Campus Anchor: The architecture, materials, and massing of the building will set the tone for all future development on the downtown campus. The building will create a sense of place, delivering a full campus experience on day one through open spaces inside and surrounding the building.

·      Distinctively Urban: The building will be located on Livingston Street and Terry Avenue, will hold the street wall, and will have highly active ground floor spaces.

·      Collaborative: Physical space on the Downtown Campus will be open to UCF and Valencia students, creating an open and collaborative learning environment where all are welcome.

Building Design

·      Two Distinct Wings: The 148,000 square foot building will stand four stories tall and will be spread between an east and west wing along Livingston Street.

·      Iconic Bridge: The two wings of the building will be connected by an iconic bridge on the third and fourth floor. This bridge will include programmable space and from the exterior will create a portal into the downtown campus from the Creative Village.

·      Outdoor Courtyard: The two wings will frame an outdoor courtyard, which will become the central meeting space of the building and the entire downtown campus.

·      Connection to Center for Emerging Media: The design allows for a thoughtful connection to the existing Center for Emerging Media, creating a true campus feel on day one.

Site for Artwork

Design, fabrication and installation decisions must be coordinated with the architects and construction contractors. All infrastructure considerations (e.g., electrical, structural items, etc.) must be included in deliverables approved during the design process. Installation should be completed before the target completion date of the building, which is May 2019.

Objectives of Work

Public art at the UCF Downtown Campus will be integrated into the new academic building or delivered through site enhancements that are iconic, innovative, inspiring, and site-specific, making a strong visible statement about the UCF’s role as a leader in higher education and commitment to the arts, culture, technology, and community placemaking. The current time frame will allow the selected artist to integrate their meaningful vision into the project design.



Artist Criteria

Submissions must demonstrate a certain level of expertise and recognition in their medium and the artist and/or design team should provide evidence that they meet at least two of the following criteria:

  1. relevant experience working with the architects, contractors, and clients to identify and prioritize opportunities to “value engineer” public art features into the building or hardscape plans;
  2. have completed public commissions on a similar scope, scale and budget;
  3. have art works included in noteworthy private, public, corporate or museum collections;
  4. earned significant awards, grants or fellowships for their creative products/projects;
  5. the artist and/or design team has participated in solo exhibitions or acclaimed group exhibitions at major art museums or galleries.

Artist Submission Requirements

In addition to meeting a minimum of two elements from the foregoing criteria, each artist or design team member shall submit the following four (4) items:

  1. Statement. A brief Letter of Interest that explains how your prior work or public art experience qualifies you for this project and how your submitted ideas and images relate to project requirements. At this stage, artists and design teams should not be submitting site-specific proposals.
  2. Resume. A current professional resume, emphasizing public art experience, public collections and public commissions.
  3. Images. Submit a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 digital images. Because the initial review is a "blind" review, no identifying information should appear on the images. Applicants must follow Media Guidelines when uploading for image files

Submission Tips

Selection committees often process and review hundreds of artist submissions. Please make the task easier by considering these tips.

-Carefully read the description for each of the submission items so that you can be sure to include all required information in the appropriate format.

-It is important to include budgets of commissioned projects and/or the prices of your work. When committees are unable to determine if a particular kind of artwork is within their particular budget, they tend to bypass that artist.


Contact the project’s ASB Administrator:

Kevin Haran
Administrator, UCF Art in State Buildings Program

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