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Call Detail

Siuslaw Bridge Steps Art Installation
Florence City Hall
Public Art Committee
ATTN: Kelli Weese
250 Highway 101
Florence, OR 97439

Entry Deadline: 1/15/18
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3


Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 6
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 4
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 6

Entry Fee (Siuslaw Bridge Steps Art Installation): $25.00

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The City of Florence and The City’s Public Art Committee (PAC) are pleased to announce plans to create and install several high impact art projects. The PAC believes that these projects will generate community pride and connectivity, provide artists a creative outlet with high visibility, and benefit citizens with quality and meaningful public art while encouraging economic development and tourism.

By creating public art, the Florence community can reap esthetic benefits, create conversations, join together and, create buzz for tourists that will increase economic growth. The Oregon Coast is not only known for its natural beauty, but for the art that it inspires! The PAC’s mission is to make everyday a celebration of the arts in Florence.  

The Siuslaw Bridge in Old Town Florence is an historic landmark, long a symbol for the city and gateway to the riverfront downtown area. Designed by Conde McCullough the bridge opened to traffic in 1936. At a later date a set of steps was added north of the bridge into the hillside leading to Bay St. and downtown. The Siuslaw Bridge Steps Art Installation Project is an exciting outdoor public art project designed to beautify and enhance the park-like hill and pedestrian steps leading from Old Town Florence up to the Siuslaw Bridge. The vision for this project is to install artwork on the steps, utilizing them as a canvas while also incorporating the railings, lighting and natural incline of the landscape. The goal of this project is to bring this interesting but often overlooked area of Old Town Florence to life with eye-catching and interactive art while at the same time maintaining the functionality and safety of the steps for everyday pedestrian use. The PAC is looking for imaginative designs that include the possibility of community participation at some stage of the installation process. Design ideas that utilize a variety of media are encouraged.

Reasons to Apply & Participate

  • Unique opportunity for creative expression
  • Showcase your talent in a high visibility location
  • Work with an art friendly community
  • Media attention throughout the region
  • Artist recognition
  • Honorarium and materials fee
  • Beautify everyday objects
  • Create functional art near an historic landmark 

General Application Process

  1. Application Submission via
  • Artists must create a profile to apply to this call
  • For more information on and creating a profile:
  • Progress of your application can be seen when logged into your profile
  1. Finalists will be selected by the City of Florence Public Art Committe and community panelists


  • All artists, over 18 years old are eligible
  • Entries must be the original design and artwork of the entrant and suitable for viewing by all ages, (see design guidelines)

Design Guidelines

  • Designs must take into account the pedestrian use of the steps and all City of Florence Safety Codes (see Appendix)
  • Designs should include use of both the risers and step surface as well as the sidewalls and banisters, landscaping and lighting
  • Creativity and innovation of design in relation to the location are strongly encouraged
  • Art should be visible from a distance, and be engaging from multiple angles and perspectives
  • Submitted artwork should exhibit excellent craftsmanship and show experience working with a natural landscape and steep gradient
  • Artists should consider the longevity and maintenance of their designs as this is a long-term installation in an outdoor location close to the Siuslaw River and exposed to the elements
  • Artists must submit a design using the provided template (Site Plan Information PDF:, submission must accurately represent the final design
  • Designs must not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, business names, corporate or organizational branding
  • Designs must not include religious references, symbols or numbers, political or copyrighted material
  • Selected artist/s must be willing to work with the PAC to adjust design, if necessary

 Important Details

  • Designs that incorporate the landscape surrounding and beyond the stairs are encouraged
  • This area may or may not be lit at night, incorporating solar lighting or other alternative lighting is encouraged
  • No element of the design can be tall enough to be viewed by motorists traveling on Highway 101 above the top of the hill where the steps are located
  • Artists should be aware that the final design is subject to ODOT (Oregon Dept. of Transportation) approval, and start time may be affected

Things to Consider

  • The steps will be cleaned before the artist begins work
  • The City will coordinate with the selected artist to schedule appropriate cleaning and start dates
  • Artist will need to cover over functional areas (masking)
  • Artists must supply their own water and materials
  • Drop cloths should be used at all times while painting
  • City will coordinate the passage on the sidewalk/stairs for pedestrians and show alternative routes  when closed for work
  • Blocking traffic or lanes of the street is not permitted. Depending on scope of project, a few parking spots may be blocked for specific use for this project
  • Project completion date/s depend on type and scope of work being done, materials used, and community involvement
  • Storage shed, dry locked for storage of materials, may be provided if needed
  • The City and PAC will be  promoting the project.  Artist is expected to help and document their process
  • The Artist is expected to participate in an unveiling/opening celebration/ribbon cutting at the completion of the project
  • Work plans that include an element of community participation are preferred
  • The selected Artist is required to furnish the city with a comprehensive plan for the long-term maintenance of their artwork

The overall budget for this project is $30,000. This includes concept, design, materials, installation and any necessary insurance.

This call to artists will run from August 15, 2017 through January 15th, 2018 (Orginally was November 30, 2017).

Evaluation Criteria

1. Demonstrates Excellence

  • Exciting design concepts
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Good use of materials
  • Visually compelling
  • Innovative use of physical space

2. Meets Project Goals

  • Compliments location and historic sites nearby
  • Includes a community "hands-on" activity during installation
  • Utilizes railings and surrounding landscape
  • Has a realistic timeline and work plan

3. Artist Qualifications

  • History of successful projects
  • Experience meeting timelines and budgets
  • Ability to work with the community and PAC

4. Application Process

  • Follows instructions carefully
  • Completes all application requirements

Appendix/Artist Resources

City of Florence City Website
City of Florence Public Art Committee

City of Florence Safety Code

More info about the public art committee and public art in Florence