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Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
State: Massachusetts
Entry Deadline: 6/30/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6

BSA Space seeks proposals for an upcoming design exhibition exploring WATER’s role in today’s built and natural environments, in Boston and beyond.

Flood us with your ideas.


Sea level rise

Stormwater management

Water safety during construction

Sanitation vs contamination

Infrastructure including transit

Life support



We relate to water every day. What does that mean in today's era of widening social chasms and climate change? Why should we care about what is happening with water? Is water our frenemy now? Who owns it? How can the rest of us access it? How do we keep our water clean? What happens when it’s not?

BSA Space is Boston’s only center dedicated to the exploration of architecture and design.

Curators enjoy over 5,000 sf of gallery space for exploring the roles that design plays in shaping our cities, our communities, and our lives.

Our content is experienced by community members—including kids— as well as design professionals. Successful curators speak clearly to all visitor types.

BSA Space seeks new ideas, boldly expressed.

Design exhibitions are not books.

Please don’t tell us the things you can show us.

Excite every visitor.

Life exists in three dimensions.

So do our exhibitions.

 Who is eligible to submit a proposal for WATER at BSA Space?

This call is open to individuals, teams, or firms (note: proposal should not showcase the work of a single firm or individual). Applicants must have demonstrated experience curating a museum-quality exhibition. Applicants should not feel limited to architectural themes, as the committee will consider proposals that explore a wide variety of design and urban-related topics. BSA Space also considers traveling exhibitions that have formerly been exhibited at other venues.

How to submit a proposal for Water at BSA Space

Submit the following in a single PDF:

  1. A two-page description of your exhibition proposal. Descriptions must include:
    1. Working title (if different from WATER)
    2. Central narrative: a discussion of the central ideas that the exhibition will communicate to visitors. What is important, unusual, or distinctive about this project? Why is it important for the public to learn about the subject? How does the exhibition inspire through the power of design; support public interest in design; present ways to engage the public in innovation and design thinking; explore the use of design to address the issues of social, economic, and cultural inequity?
    3. Interpretive format: what objects, images, exhibition components, and environments will be included? How will this exhibition make its important ideas clear to the public and address multiple styles of learning
    4. Programming: three proposed programs that might accompany the exhibition. Preference will be given to well thought out programming that engages multiple audiences and makes use of strategic partners.
    5. Impact: What aspects of this exhibition might provoke positive change
  2. Sample introductory wall text (50 words)
  3. Up to five relevant renderings, sketches, potential images, or layouts that present the exhibition themes in a compelling way
  4. Portfolio of recent work and resume/CV (three pages maximum)
  5. Ideas about how this exhibition might be created to travel to other institutions
  6. Proposed budget (please use budget worksheet)

Please use the resources for designing an exhibition at BSA Space found at

View the full Call for Proposals at

How BSA Space exhibitions are selected

BSA Space favors provocative content that stimulates change in the way its visitors experience the built and natural environments. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Exhibitions Committee (the Committee), which is composed of museum professionals, Foundation board members, and community representatives.

Proposals will be vetted against the BSA Foundation’s strategic agenda and must

·         Elevate public awareness and understanding of the power of design as it relates to urban conditions including climate change, environmental sustainability, urban planning, housing, plus social, economic, and cultural equity;

·         Contain plans for an exhibition component that can be executed in the community;

·         Result in professionally curated content that includes a mixture of media types (2- and 3-dimensions).


Questions? Contact

BSA Space is home to the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) and the BSA Foundation (Foundation). Exhibitions and programs hosted here explore the aesthetic, economic, and social impact of architecture, design, and the built environment on Greater Boston and the wider world.


The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.
Previous deadline: April 30, 2020

If you are having issues submitting your proposal, please submit your entry as a PDF to

WATER is on view at BSA Space during the year 2023.

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