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Law Enforcement Memorial Garden
c/o Public Art Administrator
414 E 12th St, 17th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: Missouri
Entry Deadline: 4/24/20
Application Closed
Images - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 10
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 5
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 20

Project Background

[Addendum 4/17/2020: The following information regarding the regional nature of this call appeared on the CaFE "Call Listings" window. Some viewers that navigated directly to the call may have missed the "Call Listings" window. Accordingly, details about the regional nature of this call are being duplicated here: "The City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art program seeks to commission a professional visual artist, or artist team, to design art for the new Kansas City Regional Law Enforcement Memorial Garden.

The total budget available for this project is $20,000. The RFQ deadline is 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time Zone, Friday, April 24, 2020.

Professional visual artists, or artist teams, at least 18 years of age are eligible, with a preference for artists who live or work in the Missouri counties of Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, and Ray County, or the Kansas counties of Johnson and Wyandotte. Demonstrated experience working with diverse community stakeholders is desired.

Full-time, permanent City of Kansas City, Missouri employees, project consultants and their employees and sub-consultants are ineligible to apply." End of Addendum].

The Regional Law Enforcement Memorial Garden honors and celebrates the men and women who have laid down their lives in the line of duty. Located at the Regional Police Academy, the garden is envisioned as a sequence of ever-changing spaces that tell the stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as to honor past and current officers and their families, who make daily sacrifices to serve and protect.

The individual spaces in the garden create experiences that change through the seasons and over time, ranging from quiet contemplation and intimate scales to grand and celebratory spaces. These spaces are woven into the natural settings of the site: from the high bluff overlooking the Academy, to the forest grove, through the native prairie. The Law Enforcement Memorial Garden will remind us of this ultimate sacrifice. It will be a place for those who grieve; honor loved ones; a place for young law enforcement officers to pay tribute to those who came before them; and, for the community, a place to reflect on the life lived by the officer.

This unique memorial will be constructed behind the Kansas City Regional Police Academy and the Shoal Creek Patrol Station to honor lives lost in Clay, Platte, Jackson and Cass Counties, as well as state, federal, railroad and conservation officers.

Former Kansas City Police Commissioner John Dillingham and Kansas City Councilwoman Heather Hall are leading this important endeavor to recognize these brave officers not only for their courage on the job but also as community leaders, family members and friends to many in the community.

This Memorial Garden The project is designed to be accessible and open to all and will be a place of reflection as well as a teaching tool for future generations.

For more information about the project, visit:

Public Art Intent and Goals

The City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art program seeks to commis­sion works of art of redeeming quality that advance public understanding of visual art and enhance the quality of public places by selecting a qualified artist who can innovatively and thoughtfully design within the context of this project.

The goals of the Law Enforcement Memorial Garden public art project are to:

»     honor fallen law enforcement officers through innovative expressions of visual art in a memorial garden setting; and

»     create a destination to be enjoyed by diverse residents and visitors, and which engenders stewardship and a shared sense of pride in community.


The total budget is $20,000. The selected artist(s) will develop a budget to include all aspects of design, fabrication, transportation, installation and lighting, and that may include fees such as permitting, approval by a licensed structural engineer, travel expenses, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and registering with the Secretary of State to conduct business in the state of Missouri, among other potential costs. In addition, payment of municipal revenue tax to the City of Kansas City, Missouri must be current.

Artwork Opportunity

The selected artist(s) will work closely with key stakeholders to design and implement a public artwork for an open area of the Memorial Garden known as "The Meadow." Leaving a shaded area of trees and dense plantings, visitors gently descend toward a brights and expansive meadow. A memorial wall folds back into the ground along a path. Along th eedges of th emeadow are benches and spaces for picnic tables. The path encircles the meadow and then begins to descend through the site as it returns to the Regional Police Academy. Please see for more information.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of an artist, or artist team, shall be based on whose qualifications best meet the requirements contained in this Project Outline. In keeping with the standard One Percent for Art selection criteria, the Selection Panel will review and consider the following evaluation criteria:

»     Artistic Excellence

Evidence of a body of work that is original, innovative, and of exceptional and enduring quality.

»     Context-Sensitive
Interest and ability to design a work of art in a context-sensitive manner that expresses the mission and purpose of the memorial garden.

»     Appropriateness to Site

Relationship of the artwork to the site shall be considered in respect to the social, cultural, historical and physical context of the site, either existing or planned.

»     Maintenance Provisions

Maintenance concerns should be a primary consideration, with adequate provision made for all continued future maintenance. The artist will provide the Public Art Administrator with detailed maintenance instructions for the work(s) of art.

Selection Process
The Kansas City, Missouri Public Art Administrator will convene a selection panel to evaluate the submissions. Up to three semi-finalists will be selected and paid a $1,200 design fee to develop a proposal to present to the selection panel. The selection panel will review the semi-finalist proposals and qualifications (images of work, resume/CV, letter of interest, references) and select one artist, or artist team, and one alternate. The selected artist/artist team's proposal will be presented to the Municipal Art Commission for approval prior to execution of a contract.

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