Call Detail
Fire Station 42 Call for Public Art
Entry Deadline: 7/17/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 20
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 10, Maximum:Max. 20
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
State: Washington


Background Information

The City of Bothell, Washington is located in the Seattle metropolitan area, straddling two counties, King and Snohomish, and approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Seattle. It has an estimated population of 46,000. A one percent (1%) for Public Art is assessed on City of Bothell capital improvement projects (CIP), and the Bothell Art Commission (BAC) together with City departments manage the design and development of art that is integrated into City projects and approved by City Council. The Art Committee reviewing this project is composed of members from BAC, Fire Department personnel, and Design-Build team members.

Project Funding

Because of the nature of the excluded costs associated with a progressive design build format, the budget available for this project is a minimum of $100,000 and includes design, materials and fabrication, installation support, taxes, travel and insurance.

Scope of Services

The City of Bothell is seeking a qualified artist or artist team to develop site-specific artwork for Fire Station #42. Fire station #42 is located at 10726 Beardslee Blvd in downtown Bothell. Located on a bustling street, this station links Bothell's Main Street of shops and eateries and UW Bothell/Cascadia College campuses. The design team has determined that preference will be given to artwork that is located on the exterior of the property and can be viewed by passersby. A site map and schematic of the preliminary station is attached. The art committee welcomes an innovative approach to the art that is potentially:

  • Reflective of the City of Bothell Fire Department’s mission and vision
  • Engages the community and is of historic significance
  • Connects to other significant areas or neighborhoods such as UW Bothell/Cascadia College
  • An opportunity to incorporate light
  • An opportunity to signify when a fire or medic response is occurring
The artist will work collaboratively with the City’s project manager and Design-Builder in development of plans and specifications, schedule and installation, and specifications for the artwork installation and maintenance. The installation specifications must be complete within the design timeline and the fabrication and installation must be complete by substantial completion. The City has retained the team of BNBuilders and Miller Hull Architects to design and build the building with plans and specifications anticipated to reach 90% design by the first quarter of 2021. The artist will work with the art committee and the City’s project manager to develop an artwork that meets stakeholder expectations, fits the needs of the project, and is fabricated and installed within the schedule of general construction.

Process for Selecting Artists

The art committee will review responses to the RFQ and select up to three finalists to submit proposals. Finalists will be compensated $1,000 to present a concept description, budget, and simple model, and/or preliminary schematics. Finalist that are chosen to present proposals will be provided with a project orientation prior to their submittal. 

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of past work of similar scale and context
  • Demonstrated ability to research and develop art that is reflective of the community
  • Demonstrated design and project management skills working with a public project
  • Demonstrated ability to work with architects, engineers, contractors and a diverse project team, including examples of how previous works have evolved in response to input from diverse stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to meet project timeline and budget

Tentative Schedule

The following schedule is of major milestones and may be modified as needed:

1. June 8, 2020: RFQ Posted

2. June 19, 2020: Questions Due

3. June 26, 2020: Answers Provided

4. July 17, 2020: RFQ due

5. Week of July 20: If needed, selection panel conducts virtual interviews and recommends finalists

6. Friday, July 31: Finalists notified to proceed with concept proposal

7. Week of August 3: Virtual Project Orientation with Artist Finalists, Art Committee, Project Manager and Architect  

8. August 28: Selected finalist’s concept proposals due

9. Week of September 1: Art committee reviews proposals

10. Week of September 7: BFS/DB review of Art Committee finalist

11. September 10: Art Committee meets with Bothell Arts Commission and recommends finalist

12. September 15: Council Consideration to Approve Artist and Concept

13. September 16: Contract of Award for Artist

14. October 26: Construction Documents for Artwork and Fabrication and Installation Schedule

16. Winter 2021: Building Construction Start

17. Station 42 Q4 of 2022: Building Construction Substantial Completion

Submission Requirements

  • Letter of Interest (1,000 characters or less) that includes:
    • Why this project is of interest to you
    • General approach to concepts and designs for public artwork
    • Relevant skills and experience including concept development, review process, and implementation
    • Description of similar projects

Not included in word count:

  • Digital work samples (no less than 10 images that clearly show past work experience)
  • Resumes of artist or artists with identification of team leader if that applies. Only one file may be uploaded so multiple resumes must be combined and submitted as one file.  
  • Contact information for three references.

Submittals will be accepted by the City of Bothell until 10:59 p.m. PDT on July 17, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted. All qualifications must be submitted using this platform. Paper copy submissions will not be considered.


Questions regarding the City’s RFQ process, scope of work, evaluation process or technical aspects should be addressed to: DeNae McGee at Questions received after 5:00 pm PST on June 19 will not be considered.

ISSUED THIS DATE:   July 7, 2020
ISSUE:   Answers to the Questions Received from Artists

 ARTIST QUESTION: I wanted to confirm that this is open to USA artist only and not international artist? ANSWER: There is nothing prohibiting an international artist from applying. The call does specify a preference for calls from regional and national artists. The jury will use a ranking scorecard to determine the finalists. 

 ARTIST QUESTION: Although the project description suggests that Artists can be innovative and inventive in the placement of a Work, is there a preferred location that has been identified in the site planning? ANSWER: No, other than outward facing and viewable to passersby.

ARTIST QUESTION: The material choices for the Work will need to address longevity, durability, and be maintainable, however, is there flexibility to include materials which will weather and are purposely designed to age and patina over the life of the Work. ANSWER: Yes

 ARTIST QUESTION: It is stated that the Work may incorporate lighting and signaling, is there an in-place method or existing system that the Fire Department uses for communicating ‘when a fire or medic response is occurring? ANSWER: At this time, it’s not clear if there is an existing system, but that is something that is being asked for on the new station. The team feels there is an opportunity to tie into the lighting system relatively easily. As for design, they are assuming lighting controls will be tied into the signaling, so it might be something as simple as wiring a few extra light fixtures into the existing logic of the system. In other words, they wouldn’t be creating something from scratch, if that’s the question.

ARTIST QUESTION: Is it possible to get the architectural drawing for the front of the building so we can see if it will have a good space for a mural? ANSWER: The image included in the Café call has been updated to include architectural drawings.

ARTIST QUESTION: Would you allow an application from a design team consisting of myself (UK Artist) and (American Public Art Fabricator)? ANSWER: Yes; however, the jury will use a ranking scorecard to determine the finalists. If an international artist scores as one of the top three, they will be invited to design a piece for final consideration. Artists applying for this call are advised to consider travel costs when developing an overall budget as additional funding beyond what is  listed in this call is not available. 

ARTIST QUESTION: Is a Revit model available? ANSWER: A revit model will be available by the time the three finalists have been selected.

 ARTIST QUESTION: Can you expand more on “The art committee has determined that the site-specific artwork should be outward facing and viewable to the public.” ANSWER: The call has been updated to read: The design team has determined that preference will be given to artwork that is located on the exterior of the property and can be viewed by passersby.

ARTIST QUESTION: Is this opportunity really about requesting free standing sculpture?

ARTIST QUESTION: Are there walls available for 2-D or low relief work that could be outward facing and viewable to the public. ANSWER: The architectural drawings are now included in the call and it is safe to assume that wall space is available for 2D or low relief work that is outward facing. 

Application Requirements

Eligibility Criteria