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Mural Request for Proposals at Art Works Downtown

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Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Regional
State: California
Entry Deadline: 8/15/20
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2

Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10

Request for Proposals
Art Works Downtown requests proposals for an exciting mural opportunity in our Susan Kirby Place. Thanks to support from The EACH Foundation, we are searching for an artist, or team of artists, who can create a two-dimensional mural that reflects a positive creative spirit, visually compliments the surrounding area, and ignites imagination. To be completed in fall 2020

Art Works Downtown: To provide an environment where visual arts thrive for the well-being of our community.

Since the founding of Art Works Downtown (AWD) in 1996, the core purpose of the organization has been to enrich our community by encouraging artistic activities, educating the public, increasing appreciation of art, and strengthening the relationship between artists, arts organizations and the larger community. AWD provides an environment that is seeded in its historic building on Fourth Street but expands its reach to the broader community in Marin. More than a physical location, AWD creates a setting that fosters unity, belonging, collaboration, opportunity, and creativity – all elements of a thriving and healthy arts community. 

The EACH Foundation prides itself on being a radically inclusive, ethnically diverse, and impossibly efficient 501(c)3 grant-making nonprofit. EACH stands for eight giving areas (Education, Environment, Children, Community, the Arts, Animal welfare, Health, and Homelessness) which their thirty volunteers philanthropic advisors give to for social change, granting out over 10% of their assets per year to over 200 unique nonprofit organizations annually.

Artist Eligibility 
Any artist or team of artists interested in creating a two-dimensional mural, to be completed in fall 2020, may submit a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below.

Project Vision 
Create public art for an outdoor environment that reflects a positive creative spirit, visually compliments the surrounding area, and ignites imagination. 

Project Timeline

  • Deadline for submissions, no later than August 15, 2020
  • Notification by September 14
  • Work to commence as soon as possible after announcement and signing of contract.  
  • Complete project by November 1, 2020

Application Requirements 

  • No cost to apply
  • All components must be in digital format to be submitted though Call for
    • If you have questions about the application process, review the Call for help menu. Then contact them. If these two steps do not answer your question you may contact Art Works Downtown. We can only help with applications until 4pm on Wednesday August 12.
    • Technically the call closes on 11:59pm Mountain time, which means the call closes at 10:59pm on August 15.
  • Only complete applications will be considered and must include the following.
    • Budget plan.  The budget plan should itemize the artist(s) fee, supplies, travel-related expenses, insurance, and all associated costs. The budget is a maximum of $7500 and is a competitive bid process. 
    • Timeline.  The timeline should approximate each phase of the project to provide a draft schedule.
    • Background Information.  Artist resume, artists statement, visual examples of past mural work, references. Examples should describe size, materials, cost, and location of other public works. References are required, references for earlier public-art projects are encouraged.
    • Draft Mural.  A colored design illustrating the concept is required.
    • Written Statement.  Explain the theme of the mural, describe your process, and include supplemental information such as medium, and approximate dimensions of the proposed mural.
    • Maintenance Plan.  Describe how the mural will tolerate outdoor elements and provide a suitable Maintenance Plan. See example maintenance plan at the bottom of this call.
    • Questions (optional). Include questions you may have about the project. 

Location and Site Specification
The space designated for this mural is in the outdoor Susan Kirby Place of the Art Works Downtown art center located in downtown San Rafael. This area is one of four entrances into the art center and the location of various events and gatherings. The mural space is over and around the breezeway entrance, and presides over the outdoor garden area. Surfaces include concrete, wood, various piping, flashing, plastic box, and lighting. The mural height must be 26’, but may extend to the full height of the wall if the artist is so inspired. General dimensions: 26–50’ h x 15’6” w.

Artists will retain the ownership of design ideas submitted with this application until selection is final, and the contract has been signed between the artist and Art Works Downtown, Inc. At the time a contract is awarded, the ownership of the design and the artwork produced, in this case the public art mural project, will become the property of Art Works Downtown. Financial compensation and insurance for completion of the mural will be made in accordance with the agreed upon contract between the artist(s) and Art Works Downtown.

  • Artist recognizes that a plaque will be added to the mural or near the mural, which credits the artist(s) and commemorates the generosity of The EACH Foundation who is funding this project.
  • Artist applicant must certify that all statements made in the application are true to the best of their knowledge.
  • Artist recognizes that Art Works Downtown may make duplicates of my images and application materials for any purpose to benefit the Art Works Downtown organization.
  • Artist applicant must recognize that any liability for loss or damage is not the responsibility of Art Works Downtown, The EACH Foundation or anyone associated with this project. 

For questions about the mural project contact: Program Manager, Stan Gibbs,

Artist Maintenance Plan Template 
This is a sample only. Some elements suggested herein may not apply to all proposals or may change. Artists must each submit an original maintenance plan with their proposal.

  • This mural (include unique dimension and size) is to be painted on painted brick and painted wood.
  • The substrates will be prepared according to AWD’s instructions. (Indicate actual preparation plans, what materials will be used by naming brands, major colors, make up of those materials, and how they are applied.)
  • Two applications of anti-graffiti/anti-ultraviolet coating will be applied by the artist according to manufacturer’s instructions. (name brand and how it is applied)
  • Recommended future maintenance plan. (Indicate recommended routine surface inspections, surface cleaning, or additional coats of protective paint.)
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