Call Detail
RFQ 725-20 for Artist to Create Permanent Artwork for SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange Roundabout

Entry Deadline: 8/3/20
Application Closed
Work Sample Requirements
Images | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 10
Total Samples | Minimum:Min. 1, Maximum:Max. 10
Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: Unspecified
State: California

The City of Lancaster (The City) intends to select a local artist to create and produce the artwork theme at SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange, which will include two sculptures to be installed in the roundabouts, artistic design for retaining wall surface applications, and bridge railing architectural treatment.

Once the artist has been selected, the City intends to enter into negotiations with the artist to provide these services for the SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange project. If negotiations are not successfully concluded, the City will in turn enter into negotiations with the next artist on the list.

The Qualification response is due to the City no later than 2 PM, Monday. August 3, 2020; late submittals will not be accepted.


Project Description

The City, in cooperation with Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), is planning to modify the geometry and capacity of the SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange.  Modifications shall include the interchange foot print and improvements to Avenue M between 10th Street West and 20th Street West. The project area is within four separate jurisdictions; the City of Lancaster, City of Palmdale, County of Los Angeles, and State of California (Caltrans).  The project will widen Avenue M and the Avenue M overcrossing from one to up to three lanes in each direction, interchange geometric enhancements, traffic signals or other traffic control improvement, landscaping, intersection modifications on Avenue M at 10th Street West and 20th Street West, pedestrian and cycling improvements and other context sensitive solutions, including public art.

At MTA’s Planning and Programming Committee meeting on September 19, 2012, recommendations for funding multiple capacity enhancing projects along State Route 138 using Measure R Highway “equity” funds were approved. Accordingly, the City has been identified as the Lead Agency on the following five projects:  SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange, SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue K Interchange, SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue G Interchange, SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue J Interchange and SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue L Interchange.

Estimated Project Budget: $500,000.00

Relationships and Coordination

The SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange project is a project that MTA, in cooperation with the North County Transportation Coalition (NCTC) – consisting of the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, the County of Los Angeles, and City of Santa Clarita, has determined eligible for highway operational improvements.

The Measure R Highway “equity” funds shall be received by the City through a funding agreement with MTA. Because a portion of the project falls within Caltrans right-of-way, Caltrans oversight is compulsory; however, because the funds are considered local, federal fund requirements and processing do not apply. The City’s Project Manager, along with the selected artist, will work closely with Caltrans as with any other locally-sponsored project on the State Highway System.  Their approval will be based upon State standards, policies and procedures.

Although the City is taking the lead on this project, both the City of Palmdale and the County of Los Angeles will have some form of involvement/approval authority to ensure their needs are addressed during design.


General Scope of Services

The selected artist will work closely with the City, its Project Management team, MTA, and Caltrans, along with other affected jurisdictions as needed. The selected artist will be expected to create and produce the artwork theme at SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange, two sculptures, provide artistic design for retaining wall surface applications, and bridge railing architectural treatment.

The major deliverables anticipated are:

  1.             Scaled plans and renderings for submittal to Cal Trans and Metro
  2.             Structural/Engineering details for sculptures
  3.             Fabrication and delivery of artwork
  4.             Certificate of liability insurance (see Attachment D)   

Positions and Key Personnel

Positions to be filled for the Project may include one or more of the following (Key Team Member positions are in bold):

  1.       Artist
  2.       Fabrication Team
  3.       Studio Assistant(s)
  4.       Employees, Etc.

All persons furnished by the artist shall be its employees, sub-consultants, or agents subject to its supervision and control, and not the City or Caltrans employees/agents.


Artist shall submit one (1) electronic copy (in pdf format) of their Qualifications in accordance with the following requirements:

  •          Qualifications shall be transmitted with a cover letter as described in Section 6.
  •          The Qualifications shall be received by 2 PM on Monday, August 3, 2020.

Late submittals will not be considered. The submittals should be uploaded to:

The City will notify Artists if they are selected for an interview by mid-August.  Interviews will be held mid-August.


The City encourages local artists to participate and to subcontract with local firms to the maximum extent possible.  Per City of Lancaster Ordinance No. 977, Local Hiring Preferences in Public Works Contracts, adopted April 24, 2012, firm’s with addresses with the following Code areas are considered to be within the Antelope Valley:  93501, 93502, 93504, 93505, 93510, 93516, 93523, 93524, 93532, 93534, 93535, 93536, 93539, 93543, 93550, 93551, 93552, 93553, 93560, 93586, 93590, 93591, 93596, 93599; which includes the cities and communities of Acton, Boron, California City, Edwards Air Force Base, Elizabeth Lake, Lake Los Angeles, Lancaster, Littlerock, Mojave, Palmdale, Pearblossom, Quartz Hill and Rosamond.


Please prepare and organize your Qualifications based on the requirements provided below.

1.      Resume including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email, and web page (if applicable). Include a team bio if applying as an artist team. Resume should not exceed three (3) pages.

 2.     A maximum five-page letter of interest, addressing:

  •          Why this project interests you;
  •          What role do you think public monuments or markers can have within a social justice context;
  •          How you have worked with a government agency, designers and/or with a community engagement process to develop                       an artwork;
  •          Your experience with restricted site conditions, strict technical constraints and materials requirements, including                                 specifications for size, strength, and engineering capacities;
  •          Your artistic practice, your sources of inspiration and your method for developing high quality, innovative and timelessly                   meaningful artwork;
  •          For artist teams: your respective roles and history of collaboration.

3.    Up to ten (10) images of your relevant work (refer to Artist Selection Qualification Process)

  •          Submit digital images in JPEG format, 1200 pixels or greater on the longest side. Each image must be under 5MB, with an                 sRGB color profile. Each image must be unlocked and downloadable.
  •          Label each image with artist’s last name, first name and a two digit number which corresponds to the annotated image list –               for example JonesJane01, JonesJane02.

4.    An annotated image list, that indicates:

  •          Title, date, medium and dimensions;
  •          Location of artwork;
  •          Brief project description (maximum 100 characters);
  •          Project budget; and
  •          Commissioning agency or client, and project manager, if applicable.

5.    Three professional references, with title, phone and email addresses included.


The statements of Qualifications will be evaluated and scored (maximum of 100 points) using the following criteria:

1.      Whether the body of work and professional activities of the individual artist or artist team demonstrates serious ongoing                                commitment to the fine arts;

2.      The individual artist’s or artist team’s experience in design concept, fabrication, installation and long-term durability of exterior                   artworks or artwork on display in publicly accessible interiors of public buildings;

.      Project understanding and approach;

4.      The ability of the artist or artist team to provide deliverables according to scheduled deadlines;

5.      The ability and willingness of the individual artist or artist team to successfully collaborate with design teams, architects, art                       consultants, project managers, engineers, fabricators, city staff and landscape architects; and

.      Satisfaction of previous clients.

Anticipated Selection Process

Once artists are scored and ranked, the City selection committee will schedule meetings with the top 2-3 artists.  At this meeting, artists will be provided a Community Engagement Report.  Prospects will have two (2) weeks to utilize the report and develop a conceptual plan for the project.  These plans will be presented in early September to the City selection committee, and other participating agencies.  The Artist and key team members should plan to attend these interviews.  Once the top artist has been determined, staff will start contract negotiations with that artist. If contract negotiations are not successful, the next ranked artist may be asked to negotiate a contract with the City. City Council is required to approve the negotiated contract, although work may be initiated with a Notice to Proceed (NTP).

Selection Process and Key Dates

The following are key dates in the selection process:

      RFQ posted on listed website:                                            Wednesday, July 1  

      Email RFQ notice of availability:                                       Wednesday, July 1 

      Deadline for questions/clarification requests:                Friday, July 17, 5 p.m.

      Responses to questions posted by:                         Wednesday, July 22, 5 p.m.

      Qualifications due:                                                   Monday, August 3, 2 p.m.
     (Late submittals will not be accepted)

      Notify proposers of short-listing:                                                   Mid-August

      Community Engagement Report Provided to Qualified Artists:   Mid-August

      Interviews and evaluation of concepts:                           Early-Mid September

      Contract Negotiations with selected artist:                         Begin Mid-October

      Tentative Contract Approvals by Council:                   December 8 (tentative)

Anticipated Project Timeline for Artist

        Renderings Due                                                                         03/15/2021

        Art Delivery                                                                              03/15/2022

At its sole discretion, the City reserves the right to amend the RFQ, to withdraw all or a portion of this RFQ, to award a contract for only a portion of the scope of work described herein, or to decline to award a contract.

The cost preparing, submitting, and presenting Qualifications is at the sole cost and expense of the Artist. The City shall not be liable for any pre-contractual expenses incurred by the artist in preparation of their Qualifications and/or statements of qualifications. Artist shall not include any such expenses or labor hours as part of a Detailed Work Plan. Pre-contractual expenses are defined as follows: a) preparing a Qualifications in response to this RFQ; b) submitting that Qualifications to the City; c) participating in an oral interview related to this RFQ; and d) any and all expenses incurred by the Artist prior to issuance of a NTP under this solicitation process. Once the finalists are chosen, a preliminary proposal may be requested by the City. In the event that this occurs, an honorarium, not to exceed $1,000, will be paid to the artist(s).

It is the responsibility of the Artist to inquire about and clarify any requirement of this RFQ that is not understood. All questions and requests for clarification to this RFQ must be emailed and received by the City no later than 5 p.m., Friday, July 17. Inquiries received by the City after the date and time specified may or may not be responded to, within the discretion of the City. The City will not be bound to any modifications to or deviations from the requirements set forth in this RFQ as a result of any oral discussion and/or instructions.

Questions pertaining to the Request for Qualifications or the Artist’s submittal(s) should be directed to:

Christine Malta

All questions and/or requests for clarification must be clearly labeled “RFQ 725-20 Questions”. The City is not responsible for failure to respond to questions that are not appropriately labeled.  The City’s responses to written inquiries will be sent to the originator of the question and posted with this call as additional documents.

All responses will be posted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.



APPENDIX – ATTACHMENT C: Insurance Requirements

APPENDIX – ATTACHMENT D: SR-138 (SR-14) Avenue M Interchange Measure R Grant

SR138 Design Aesthetic Graphics


ADDENDUM #1 - Response to Questions Received by 7/9/2020

ADDENDUM #2 - Response to Questions Received by 7/22/2020